June 24, 2024

10 Business Sheds Ideas You Could Start on Today

10 Business Sheds Ideas You Could Start on Today

Do you have a home-based business and want to do something better with your backyard, or maybe even the side of your house? These 10 ideas for a business sheds might give you an idea. They range from animal hoarding to food preservation, so there should be something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for potting sheds or hallways, here are some ways to turn your outside space into a profitable venture-spoiler: before building that new addition to your house, why not consider investing in one of these 10 shed ideas?

1. Animal Hoarding – 

This is a great business for students or people with small children: after all, who doesn’t want to collect stuffed animals? This is also a great idea for those interested in the stock market and aren’t quite ready to start buying penny stocks.

2. Food Preservation – 

If you love the taste of home-grown vegetables and fruits but hate to eat them while they’re fresh, buy a shed and preserve them so they can be consumed during winter months. Make sure you have enough room, though, or your customers might be forced to pickle their own produce just to have something to put on their table in the off season.

3. Potting Shed – 

Grow your own herbs and vegetables in a potting shed. Once you can sell your produce to customers, you can expand your business by selling seeds, fertilizers, and basic gardening supplies such as bulbs, pots, and so on.

4. Hallway Storage – 

Similarly to potting sheds, you can keep all of your supplies in a hallway storage room for the winter months. Whether you use the space for floral decor or surplus extra bedding from the corner store, it’s something that wouldn’t be missed by outsiders if it were to close down.

5. Storage –

 This is a great idea for those who love antiques or knick knacks. All you need is a little space to store all of those extra-large pieces of furniture from the future that have been taking up the extra space in your room.

6. Junk Removal – 

Forget about getting rich from one hoarder’s trash, be the trash collector that gets paid to come and haul everything away. You never know when someone will build their storage shed too big and just want to clear out some of the clutter; what better way than an outside business to do so?

7. Greenhouse – 

Greenhouses are a great way to make some money with your garden nursery. However, if you want to get into the gardening business for real, you might want to try some in-home gardening first: greenhouses only fit five or six plants comfortably. If you’re just starting out, you should start with an herb garden or maybe a small vegetable garden instead.

8. Storage – 

Similarly to the storage shed, this is perfect for those who love antiques and knickknacks. All you need is a little space to store all of those extra-large pieces of furniture from the future that have been taking up the extra space in your room.

9. Movie Storage – 

Do you have a collection of DVDs, CDs, or video games, or maybe even books that you need to store? This is the perfect place to store all of your media without cluttering up your room. Just make sure it’s in good shape before you show it off to customers.

10. Comfort Station – 

In this business, you’re renting out a space for people to sleep in when they have no other options. Whether these are travelers, hikers who got lost on the Appalachian Trail, or friends and family who just don’t want to go home after a party-there’s always someone in need of comfortable shelter.


These are some of the best ideas for a business shed that money can buy. Now all you need is a little space near your garden, or maybe even one of your rooms, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to start up a successful home-based business.

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