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10 Secrets About Fashion That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years.

10 Secrets About Fashion That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years.

Clothes may not be the most important part of a person’s outfit, but they say a lot about a person’s style and taste. 

You also never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities will come your way 

 people want to dress well for any occasion 

so it pays off to know some insider fashion information.

In this post we explore some secrets about fashion 

that has never been revealed for the past 50 years.

People may think they know everything about fashion, 

but few know that when you combine certain threads in a specific way, you can create a very revealing outfit. 

The secret involves the fact that when you combine two pieces of clothing in such a way,

 the details of your body outline will be revealed underneath the clothes.

Many celebrities and fashion icons have exploited this little-known fashion trick into their outfits, 

we want to reveal it to all of you too in the pictures and in words:

The way you wear your pants can say a lot about how suitable your partner is.

 A man wearing his pants down low,

 for example, indicates that he is a very confident person who does not need approval from anyone else.

 That said, there are some things about dressing well that will make him seem even more of a catch if he knows about them.

When it comes to choosing his underpants, for instance, 

a man should limit himself to boxer shorts or briefs if anything goes on beneath those loose fitting pants,

then it’s going to be interesting…

There is a lot of confusion about what the rules are when it comes to pleats.

 Some people believe they must wear them up, 

while others say that to wear them down is the only correct choice. Well, there are no defined rules here.

The thing is, although some confuse pleats with pantyhose hosiery,

 you should know that hosiery can be worn in the front too  and not just in the back! 

That said, to wear hosiery in the front gives off a very distinctive impression that you are wearing something under your clothes.

 And this goes for any kind of hosiery – whether it’s pantyhose or wigs.

When you think of style, you may think that it is about clothes. 

However that is not the case  style is about how comfortable you look in your clothes.

 Some people spend a lot of time thinking about how their outfit looks,

 but they forget to think of the comfort factor of how they look in clothes.

Well, one way people can avoid this problem is by wearing clothes that fit well on them. 

Some brands want to sell their products so much so that they are willing to fit any kind of figure with their clothing 

 this is clearly not the way to go if you want to look stylish.

Your belt is an important part of the outfit, but it is rarely thought of in this way. 

The thing is, your belt can work in conjunction with your clothes

 to show everyone around you that you have a great frame at the back, just like a model does.

The best thing to do to look really fashion forward is to wear a wide belt that you cinch right at the waist 

 don’t take it above or below that point! 

Such a technique will give off an impression of fashion forwardness and sophistication, but also show people you have a great figure.

Are you worried about being under-dressed? Well, worry no longer. 

There are some things that you can do to your clothes to take them from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

For example, you can alter your colors to make them look more flashy and luxurious.

This means choosing dark colors over light ones, and adding brighter colors in small doses. 

This way, you will show off your interest in fashion without looking like a total dork! 

Of course, this advice also applies if you choose to wear solid or monotone outfits 

 by altering their colors slightly, they will go from ordinary to extraordinary!

Do you find it difficult to choose your skirt length?

 It is very easy to make mistakes if you are not careful, but there are some things that you should remember before you walk out the door. 

First of all, never wear brief or thigh-high skirts that are longer than your calf.

If you are wearing something longer than your calf, then the only thing people will see are your legs and their googley eyes! 

The thing is, nobody wants to see a person’s legs they want to see their waist and chest  so these kinds of skirts really stand out as not being very tasteful.

The thing with the color red is that it is a very powerful color  and can be used in a lot of different ways 

 we aren’t just saying that because we’re red. 

The truth is, red dresses look good on anyone,

 but they work best on people who have a certain figure and form to their bodies.

If you are not one of those people, 

then you probably should not wear such an outfit as the only way to go about it is to wear something else! 

That said, if you do wear an outfit with a lot of scarlet in it then you will break the rules and people will be sure to take notice.

Remember the color yellow? 

It is very bright and it can be really fashionable, but remember to use it with caution! 

The thing is, you should never wear yellow if you want to look sophisticated 

 this means it must be your last choice. However, if you do decide to do so then that’s fine.

Just make sure that you combine the colors of your outfit with some other powerful colors like purple or pink 

these will really take your outfit up a notch.

When choosing outer clothing for winter, don’t forget about the shoes!

 We know what you are thinking – “Who cares about shoes?!?”.

The thing is, if you wear strong colors on your torso and head, 

but you don’t wear it on your feet then this will simply make people think that you are wearing something that is not winter-ready.

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