July 16, 2024

Fashion Companies are Adding Copyright Notice Labels to Their Clothing

Fashion Companies are Adding Copyright Notice Labels to Their Clothing

Do you ever wonder if your clothes are covered by copyright notices or any other kind of intellectual property? 

You would probably be surprised to learn that many fashion companies, such as Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton, are now adding these warnings to their clothing.

The purpose of this is not only to protect the company from people copying their work but also deter certain garments from being sold online without being authorized by the company. 

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Many industry insiders have argued that it’s important for consumers to be informed about what they’re buying so there is no confusion or uncertainty about which items don’t come with a warranty.

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Fashion companies are adding copyright notice labels to their clothing

As fashion has become a bigger and more profitable industry, fashion companies have been getting more creative with the ways they make money. 

In 2015, many fashion brands started adding copyright locks onto their clothes to make sure if you were wearing a brand of clothing from Zara or H&M, for example, you know it is not an original design. 

These labels make no mention if these designs were created by an artist or designer; thus increasing the chances of consumers objecting to the copyright appearing on what they believe should be an original design. 

This helps raise awareness about designers protecting their works while also upholding the legal system in question.

Many people argue that this creates a dichotomy in the fashion industry in which they will need to choose between their moral and legal obligations. On the one hand, designers legally protect their works and on the other hand, consumers value original designs. 

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This blog post will tell you what the trend is all about, why it is happening, who does it affect, and also some other general information that will help broaden your understanding of how the world of blogging operates.

1. “Copyright” label can be found on clothes of major clothing brands

Everyone already knows that the internet is the best place to find almost any information you want, but this time there are some unexpected signs. 

Recent reports have shown that in the past few months companies have started to add copyright notice labels onto their clothing in order to stop people from copying their styles. 

It looks like someone has taken the biggest step forward in trying to protect individuals rights on the internet.

The purpose is not clear yet, but there are many speculations, including that it will prevent people from copying or redistributing photos of certain articles of clothing without permission. It’s hard to deal with this issue, so many brands are hoping that by adding copyright notice on their clothes, people will think twice about posting photos.

2. “Copyright” Label is really difficult to find

Some bloggers have discovered that despite the fact that some articles of clothing or other articles might contain the word “copyright” on them, it’s really difficult to find these labels if you’re not looking for them. If you visit a major clothing store, there are no copyright labels on clothes anywhere. All you can see are some tags saying “made in China”, which are very common these days. If you’re shopping in a public area, it is unnecessary to look for the copyright notice label.

3. Trying to Scan the Site

If you come up with a good idea on how to find the copyright label, there are also some online tools that can help you out when scanning the web pages. One of them is Google image search tool, which can be used in order to find out when images have been copied from media sources. 

This way it’s really hard to copy someone else’s content without getting caught because chances are that they will use a computer or tablet in order to scan websites and images themselves.

Merki (2012) proposed that copyright can be used to protect both intellectual property and artistic creation. However, he also argued that designers want their designs protected by copyright because it makes their work valuable among other design companies. 

Consumers also want to buy known designs because it gives them confidence in the product’s originality and quality. 

Therefore, many people believe this change in fashion is something that benefits both consumers who want to buy original “designs” and designers who want to profit off of these “original” designs.

As you may know, many fashion companies are adding copyright notice labels to their clothing. You’ll see this on the tag of your clothes and its purpose is to identify the maker of the item as well as who should receive any royalties for its reproduction.


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