April 19, 2024

10 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Rental Home

10 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Rental Home

Whether buying your first home or investing in another, it pays to know where you are going. Knowing what to look for when purchasing a rental home is important. Here is a list of things to look out for when buying a rental home.

1. Location

Location is significant, especially when it comes to renting. Those near shopping centers and schools will have it more accessible, particularly if they have kids. The areas with good bus systems are also a plus point as most public transportation is located in these areas. It will also be easier for you to find a job in an area with a strong job market.

2. Home Values

You can get a home valuation at monitors websites to check the value of homes in the area, or you can ask for help from Hunter Gather Buyers Agents. The monitor’s website will give you the typical price inflation of homes at the metropolitan, state, and national levels. Knowing the value of homes in the area will help you know how much you should pay for a house when purchasing it.

3. Property Taxes

When buying a home, it is essential to know the paid property taxes. Property tax is a tax the local government charges, and is used to pay for public services. Property taxes vary from one area to another.

4. Landlord and Tenant Laws

Federal, state, and local housing laws require landlords’ fair and equal treatment of tenants. The landlord and tenants’ treatments vary from state to state. There are states where the rules favor the landlord while other places favor the tenants.

Landlords and tenants can resolve disputes by going to a mediator or by using a housing lawyer. Some states also provide tools to help tenants, such as the security deposits protection act, which requires landlords not to take extra benefits from tenant’s deposits.

5. Rent Growth

One should know the percentage of the rent growth before buying a rental home. In some cities, the rent prices increase faster than the inflation rate. Rent growth can show the demand and available supply of the rental property. There is always a short supply for rental properties with a high population and a strong job market. Observing the rent index on the monitor’s websites, such as Zillow, is always essential before purchasing a rental home.

6. Neighborhood

You should consider the safety of a particular area before buying a rental home. The key statistics to analyze the neighborhood are income levels, rent averages compared to other areas, and employment. Also, consider checking if the home has a nearby police station where they patrol frequently. Neighborhoods that are being patrolled by police regularly make tenants feel protected. A crime index on the Zillow website also shows how safe a neighborhood is for renters.

7. Listings & Vacancies

There are numerous websites available that can give you listings of available houses. Knowing how quick properties are being rented in a particular area is important. A place with many vacancies will not be a good choice for rental homes because there is a low demand for rental properties. The vacancies can indicate that the demand for rental property is lowest in an area with an excess supply of vacant homes.

8. Home Features

One should consider the features of the rental home before buying. If a house features a large backyard, it will be more expensive to rent than smaller ones. A rental home with average features attracts more buyers.

9. Return on Investment

When buying a rental home, you can calculate the return on investment based on many financial metrics. A rental property with a low ROI will not be attractive to prospective buyers. Investing in a rental home with a good ROI and one that will be profitable in the future is decisive.

10. Rental Households

A rental household percentage is also a key data point to consider when buying a rental home. There are areas where the home prices are so high that people opt to rent rather than buy.


Buying a property is a considerable investment that has both positive and negative effects on its owner. When purchasing a property, it is important to check all these things before making your final decision. It will help you make the right decision and have a good time when living on your property.

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