June 24, 2024

13 Bizarre Pool Business Facts You Need to Know

13 Bizarre Pool Business Facts You Need to Know

About Pool Business- 

A pool business is not just a regular business, it can be an extenuating circumstance. A proper pool business in the home does not require any licenses or permits, with the exception of a temporary Class A permit for every other year. Let’s take a look at some facts that you may find interesting about being in your own backyard.”

– According to Forbes, 18% of people switch from in-ground pools to above ground pools when they want a pool. This is because it means less work for them (and we’re guessing for their spouses too!).

– The chlorine used in disinfection is greenish yellow in color. This was an innovation introduced by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch who created artificial gas manufacturing during World War I, which depended on salt water as its source. The development made it possible to extract sodium chloride salt crystals from seawater cheaply and efficiently so that chlorine could be manufactured on a large scale.

– There is a pool in China with 3 billion gallons of water. The pool is located next to the Great Wall, and it was built so that tourists can take photos of the Great Wall with their mouths open. The idea is that you will be more likely to get good side/back shots of you if you have your mouth open and not your eyes, which isn’t always easy to do.

– In Japan there are over 4 million private pools in the country (and counting).

– According to Forbes, in Japan there are more than 70,000 sports channels on TV. The most popular sport in that country is baseball (baseball players are much better paid in Japan than they are in the United States). Some of the more obscure sports being played around the world include: kendama stick juggling (Japan), horse racing (Europe) and dog fighting (China).

– There is a pool filled with 60 million liters of water in Switzerland. It’s used for research and also to test equipment. This is one of the largest pools in the world. The largest pool in the world that is a commercial swimming pool is located in Georgia and has an area of 18,500 square feet. It has a depth of about 16.5 feet and it contains 1.6 million gallons of water, which means that it would take 333 days to swim from one end to the other if you had no rest time at the end!

– In ancient Rome, gladiator contests sometimes ended in death for both fighters. The last person standing was then declared winner.

– There is a water park in Kansas that is shaped like a giant toilet bowl. This “toilet bowl” has a number of slides, including one that shoots you down at 40 mph.

– The most expensive pool in the world with an estimated value of $40 million was built by Steve Wynn. It has an area of 3,000 square feet and is called the “Wynn Las Vegas Plunge Pool.” The pool has 120 foot waterfalls and it’s filled with champagne colored water. There are also 10 hot tubs in this pool area featuring high tech LED lighting displays as well as waterproof TV screens. The pool has a green felt covering, and it’s surrounded by an onyx border.

– There is a classic car that is used to clean the pool at a hotel in Mexico City. The car is not just for show and is used regularly to keep the pool clean. It doesn’t just clean the water though — it also uses high octane fuel mixed with chlorine to clean objects that fall in the pool.

– According to Forbes, there are over 7,000 swimming pools in Las Vegas alone!,  The average American will swim 3 miles or 5,828 laps during their lifetime, In the Netherlands, the cost of a “small” pool is $250,000, There are over 1 million pools in China, which is more than any other country.

– In China, a majority of private pools are Olympic sized. Some of the most expensive luxury hotels in China have heated indoor swimming pools.

– At the beginning of summer in 2014, the largest swimming pool on earth was full (and still is). The pool was located on the Las Vegas Strip and had 8,500 tons of water. It’s length is about 33 yards and its width is about eight yards. It took over six months to fill it up with water and then six more months to empty it out again! When it was filled up, that meant that 168 Olympic sized swimming pools could fit inside of it! That’s a lot of water.

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