April 15, 2024

5 Awesome Branded Hand Sanitizer Ideas

5 Awesome Branded Hand Sanitizer Ideas

Branded hand sanitizers are great for putting your company out there. This branded merchandise displays your full logo and helps leave the right impression on current customers and prospects. In addition, you can get various hand sanitizer products for promotional events or customer giveaways.

If you want your company to draw the attention of potential clients, here are some hand sanitizer ideas you can try for promotional events.

1. Hand Sanitizer Gel Packet

Custom hand sanitizer labels are great ways to increase your brand’s visibility. Custom hand sanitizer gel packets are single sealed packets of sanitizer gel that make it perfect for non-sterile applications in hospitals and first aid kits. This hand sanitizer gel is usually 62% alcohol-based and is available in silver and white packets.

Custom hand sanitizer gel packets are ideal for customer gifts, giveaways in promotional events, or health clinics and are an affordable and simple way to increase brand awareness. In addition, your customers will greatly appreciate this custom hand sanitizer gel they can conveniently carry around because of its portability. These custom hand sanitizer labels are for single-use and are easily disposable.

2. Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Custom hand sanitizer bottles are the perfect gift for customers to help them fight germs. The sanitizer contains 62% alcohol, is clear, and has a sweet citrus scent. In addition, the hand sanitizer is antibacterial. You can opt to add a silicone carry strap to your bottle but at an extra cost. Also, you can use these custom hand sanitizer labels to reward loyal customers or attract new customers.

3. Key Ring Hand Sanitizer

These custom hand sanitizer labels come with a sanitizer gel, a clear bottle, and a silver carabiner. The carabiner provides you with an effective key chain. This carabiner encourages you to refill your sanitizer bottle to keep the key chain. It is perfect for promotional events and customer gifts. Your customers will appreciate the key chain as it gives them easy access to their keys and reduces the chances of misplacing them.

4. Hand Sanitizer with Colored Caps

Hand sanitizer with colored caps is a unique way to distinguish your company from competitors. It helps you increase brand awareness as you enable customers to fight germs on the go. These custom hand sanitizer labels are ideal for rewarding loyal customers, attracting new customers through giveaways, etc.

The hand sanitizer is lightly scented, effectively kills bacteria and germs, and meets the FDA requirements. In addition, the colored caps are available in lime green, red, blue, white, or black colors. So, you can easily get the color that matches your brand to make the custom hand sanitizer labels resemble your brand.

5. Hand Sanitizer with Color Moisture Beads

These custom hand sanitizer labels are ideal for trade shows and outdoor promotional events. They come in a carabiner cap that allows you to attach the bottle to your backpack or pocket and have moisturizer beads that ensure your hands remain soft. The sanitizer is available in orange, red, white, and blue caps with the same moisture beads color.


Custom hand sanitizer labels are ideal for giveaways or promotions. You can use them in any business since the COVID-19 pandemic has made hand washing the new normal. So, get such branded merchandise to reward customers, draw the attention of prospects, and generate leads.

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