June 21, 2024

5 Pros of Taking Prenatal Vitamins

5 Pros of Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Getting pregnant is a life milestone that many women hope to experience throughout their lives. It’s a beautiful moment—you’re bringing another life into this world. And as you prep for the new arrival, you start buying all sorts of baby accessories. But as you’re shopping, there’s another item you shouldn’t forget: vegan prenatal vitamins.

Since you’re now eating for two, you’ll need to increase your daily nutrient intake so the growing fetus gets its fair share. Rather than using other means, vegan prenatal vitamins can help support a healthy pregnancy. They also come with a few other benefits that we’ll outline below.

1. Supports Your Baby’s Nervous System Development

Newborns can suffer from neurological development issues if they don’t get sufficient nutrients. One of those is folic acid, a B vitamin found in most foods and supplements. It’s also crucial in helping your body create new cells and DNA.

That’s why it’s important to increase your intake during the early stages of pregnancy. It creates a foundation by aiding the development of the neural tube. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, taking at least 600 micrograms of folic acid daily is recommended.

2. Improves Functions Against Anemic Discomfort

Most vegan prenatal vitamins have sufficient amounts of iron because you’ll need a lot of it during pregnancy. Iron is used to create blood for you and your baby. If there isn’t enough, your unborn child won’t get enough oxygen, which could affect the pregnancy.

By taking prenatal vitamins, you’ll be able to prevent any iron-deficiency issues during your pregnancy. You won’t experience the low energy levels caused by a lack of iron in your system. Instead, you’ll have what you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

3. Provides Additional Immune System Support

Staying healthy should always be your number one priority, whether pregnant or not. But when you are, there’s even more responsibility because of the life inside of you. Some of the best ways to remain healthy during pregnancy include:

  • Regularly doing low-impact exercises
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Staying hydrated
  • Avoiding certain foods like soft cheeses and sushi
  • Abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes

Even though you might follow the above suggestions, what about when you get sick? Having the flu or a cold is something you don’t want to experience when pregnant because it could affect your unborn child. To increase your immune system support, take vegan prenatal vitamins. Most formulas come packed with vitamin D and essential Omega-3 fatty acids to help combat impurities that can make you sick.

4. Reduces the Effects of Nausea

If you’ve talked to pregnant friends or are currently going through your pregnancy, nausea is a common experience for many. It causes slight discomfort when you wake up and can continue throughout the day. The best way to limit nausea is by increasing your vitamin B6 intake. This vitamin helps your body process amino acids that could cause the dreaded feeling.

You can typically find it in foods like bananas or salmon, but you can also find it in prenatal vitamins. With the additional support, it’ll be easier to deal with the nauseous episodes during your pregnancy. However, it would be better to take it before your get pregnant to increase its effectiveness further.

5. Improves Energy and Alertness Levels

You may be busy now, but you’ll be even busier during and after your pregnancy. Before welcoming the new addition, your body needs to be in the best condition possible. Once the child is born, the demand will increase, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

If you’ve ever spoken to someone who’s had children, they’ll tell you sleep is something you’ll miss for a while. A newborn has no circadian rhythm, so they’re unaware of day or night—all they know is they need some food, no matter what time that is. Prenatal vitamins provide a boost to help you throughout the early stages of your newborn’s development by giving you the necessary nutrients. The lack of sleep will affect your energy levels, and you’ll get the help you need from these supplements.

Meet Your Nutritional Needs by Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Taking vegan prenatal vitamins can significantly benefit your pregnancy. They support your child’s neural development, improve functions against anemic discomfort, and provide support for your immune system. These supplements also help combat nausea, which can be one of the more challenging side effects of pregnancy. Start taking these supplements today and give your pregnancy the boost it needs.

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