April 14, 2024

5 Wisdom Tooth Surgery Speedy Recovery Practices

5 Wisdom Tooth Surgery Speedy Recovery Practices

Recovering from a wisdom tooth surgery only comes easy with the best practices that most people aren’t well aware of. And as such, numerous myths circle the notion of what it takes to recover in a spur. Truth be told. It takes time and patience to get your wisdom tooth grinding and shearing once again. To help you smile again, here are the best recovery practices you’ll find helpful.

1. Take The Suitable Foods

It’s best to be mindful of what to eat right after the surgery and long afterward. Some foods won’t cut it as far as speedy recovery is concerned and include hot and rigid types. Also, cold foods that freeze your gums and send nagging chills down your tooth can cause stinging pain, often unbearable. However, you can ice the area later during your recovery if the pain persists. Also, remember that the wound is fresh and needs minor disturbance, and grinding hard foods at the back can impede the recovery process.

2. Keep Your Mouth Clean, Always

A dirty mouth is a bacteria haven and can impede recovery after wisdom tooth surgery. And while having bacteria in the mouth is normal, it becomes an issue when the amount goes beyond the threshold. Professional dentists accessible by visiting https://www.specialistdentalgroup.com/services/wisdom-tooth-surgery/ have exceptional recommendations for mouthwash and pastes to use. However, please don’t use a hard bristle toothbrush since it can renew the stinging pain when you apply pressure. If you don’t have mouthwash, a makeshift regurgitation of warm salty water can be an excellent substitute.

3. Rest as Much as Possible

Never underestimate the power of rest and what it does to tooth surgery recovery. Most people resort to work or resume more vigorous activity, which is the opposite of what’s required. Of course, your activity may not impact the tooth directly, but increased vigor revs up the blood flow. That can refresh the pain and wound and impede the recovery process. You can take your painkillers and antibiotics while taking it easy since that’s a surefire way of impacting healing and speedy recovery.

4. Don’t Smoke

While smoking may be your all-time indulgence, you might think about tossing it to the side until you recover completely. You don’t want a stench of saliva and smoke in the mouth since that creates foreign compounds. These substances can be bugging your recovering tooth, and acting together with harmful bacteria present can slow down the recovery. As you smoke, heat also finds its way into the mouth, and if it accumulates, it can be pretty uncomfortable.

5. Follow Up with the Dentist

As much as you’re following the recovery treatment regimen to the latter, you still need to see your dentists for some follow-up checks. However, that may not be necessary for some instances since the recovery won’t demand much hassle. In case of complications, seeing a dentist can prove more helpful in stopping further pain and speeding up recovery.


Caring for your wisdom tooth after surgery requires patience and discipline as you adhere to the post-surgery regimen. It’s good to avoid smoking, take the suitable foods and follow up with your dentist when necessary.

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