July 15, 2024

6 Benefits of Using Hoteling Software That Offers Custom Programming

6 Benefits of Using Hoteling Software That Offers Custom Programming

Since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses have had to adapt and devise innovative ways to continue operations while at the same time keeping employees safe hence the broad adoption of work from home policy. 

Hoteling software comes in handy in workspace planning for such situations. Choosing software that offers custom programming is probably the most important part. Every business has different systems and goals, therefore you should be able to customize your software to tailor to your business’ needs. 

Take a look at these six benefits of using hoteling software that offers custom programming

What Is Hoteling Software?

Hoteling software refers to a booking application that allows employees to plan and schedule use of workspaces, that is, offices and desks, by reserving these spaces before they come to work. This is a great way to manage and control the use of shared workspaces throughout your office. Having a customized program in your hoteling software is a great idea. 

Here’s why:

1)You Can Pick Your Features

Hoteling software usually comes with already made features, and therefore you are required to adapt to use them. On the contrary, custom programming allows you to design a hoteling software with specific features. You can choose what you want to be incorporated into the software fields. 

This way, you can select features that you find helpful in making scheduling more manageable and efficient. What’s more- if you forget to include any feature or want to make some changes to the current one, this is also possible!

2) Choose The System You’d Like to Install

Your hoteling software program will require a system to function. Depending on your preference and resource availability, you can choose to use your IT services or an external one. Whatever the option you go for, the system software should operate smoothly.

3) Convert Your Data

Managing your data is a vital function for your business. You want to ensure that data integrity in the hoteling software is not compromised. With custom programming, you can convert your data from a legacy system- this is a simple and crucial step. Data conversion will enable the translation of data from one form to another, facilitating changes and implementation- this will significantly improve your software’s data accuracy.

4) Structure and Design the System You Want

Coworking offices are essential workspaces that workers can plan to use for a limited period. Hoteling software helps plan the real-time availability of spaces. With a custom program, you can configure the design to better suit you.

5) Receive Additional Professional Services

When you choose hoteling software with custom programming, there are qualified professionals to help you throughout the implementation process to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. You want to make sure that your hoteling software effectively simplifies reservations for space, and what better way to do it than to have some guidance from professionals who are trained exactly for this purpose. 

6) Easy Implementation Process

The implementation process is essentially the most crucial step because this is the ultimate test on whether your hoteling software is effective in meeting your needs or not. With professional services to help you in the implementation, you can rest assured that you have got the right people for the job. Should you want to include any changes or reviews on the software, you efficiently execute them.

Are you ready to upgrade to custom programming?

It’s best to have hoteling software that effectively manages and optimizes your office space. This way, your employees can access a system for workspace reservation when needed; you can even customize the booking application to fit your business’ style and brand. 

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