April 15, 2024

7 Things Only Die-Hard Fans Get About Why the Hell Are You Here Teacher

7 Things Only Die-Hard Fans Get About Why the Hell Are You Here Teacher

1. The Story Line Feels Familiar

2. They Bought a New House and Now You’re Here

3. The Half-Assed Plot Lines and Wording

4. The Bad, Terrible Acting and Dialogue

5. When They Got What We Wanted After All This Time  6. Tidbits of Humor That Appear as if Out of Nowhere 

7. The Unanswered Questions and Plot Holes


A. The main character’s parents resemble the “Nouveau Riche-Dad” types who expect the world to revolve around them. 

B. The main character’s parents are total opposites of everything the other side stands for, so it makes sense they would get together, but… 

C. The main character’s parents do not love each other and only married because their love for each other turned to hate at some point in time… 

D. The main character’s parents are actually siblings, meaning… 

E. The main character’s parents do love each other and tried to make the marriage work for their kids’ sake, but… 

F. There’s an apocalyptic world war going on and the main character’s parents refused 

to tell him about it when he asked them why they were staying together…

This was originally published in an Alternative Reality Review in the 100th issue of ATR. You can read it here 

. However, I think my version is funnier, so here it is. This fiction has been posted before in the form of 

a few comments on my various blogs (which is where I came up with this idea originally), but no 

one let me actually post one of these articles in its own post until now. So…

Praise be to RA because this is my first time ever writing a fiction that someone paid me for. Enjoy! 😀

-ATR100 – The 100th Issue Alternative Reality Review

-Gold Award, Alternative Reality Magazine – 100th Issue, December 25, 2015

-Editors’ Choice Award , Alternative Reality Magazine – 100th Issue, January 15, 2016

Written by ATR_Sik Yan Lee (on behalf of the letter’s author) on behalf of ATR and its readers

This letter was one of my most favorite letters to write in my time at ATR. I wanted to publish 

it here so everyone can enjoy it too. 🙂 It was cool to finally be featured in the 100th Issue of Alternative Reality Magazine.

I read somewhere that “An artist sells his soul to the devil when he sells his soul to the same way too much.” 

I was always interested in this statement. I thought it could be an adjective for when you make a song too much in the public eye,

 but it’s actually a quote from Saint-Exupéry in The Green Ray , referring to how artists make their living by selling their soul. 

The same thing goes for writing books, making movies, etc – by selling your soul, you are giving your work away because 

it is part of who you are and all that you stand for. However, I know that this is true for most people. 

We all have some kind of spiritual beliefs that we hold to, and we’re so passionate about 

what we do that if it meant more to us than money, fame, or fortune – our passion would be the only thing that would keep us going. 

If you do not believe me on this…then let me tell you something. When I was in college, my friends and 

I did not care much about money or popularity (we knew they didn’t exist anyway), but what kept us standing was passion. 

We were into something that we loved, and it was our passion that held us together. It’s been a long time, 

but as I think back on those times with pride as a young man, I can still see how much my life went all around those things. 

But…I’m old now and so am most of my friends. We’ve grown old and we’ve aged…and why the hell are you here teacher myanimelist

we cannot all be the same anymore. So what is there left for us? After so many years of our lives spent doing 

the same thing over and over again love it is not what we set out to do for ourselves anymore. 

That’s where the devil comes in. You know who he is, right? He’s that little voice inside your head

 that makes you do things for the wrong reasons. He’ll whisper, “Do it because you can.” “Do it 

because no one else will.” “Do it because you don’t want to listen to what everyone else says.” 

The devil will make you do anything he wants if he can get you to think like that. 

What most people don’t realize is that selling your soul doesn’t necessarily mean selling yourself 

(because no one is truly able to sell themselves). It means selling pieces of yourself for money, 

fame, or fortune. 

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