April 19, 2024

8 Tips for Designing Stellar Promotional Items

8 Tips for Designing Stellar Promotional Items

When you decide to market your brand via free promotional gifts, it’s important that you go for high-quality, memorable gifts. Part of achieving this goal is designing gifts that will be both attractive and primed to encourage the customer to interact with your brand. To get you started on this journey, here are eight tips for designing stellar promotional items in 2022: 

1. Keep Your Brand Highly Visible

Even if your customers use your free promotional items a lot, the marketing benefits you’re looking to unlock will not exist unless you ensure your promo items are clearly branded. You want the customer to think about your brand, as well as its products and services, every single time they either see or use your gift. In doing so, you’ll ensure they begin developing an emotional connection to the gift, which will pay off big time for your company in the long run. 

2. Add Your Phone Number

Say a customer is inspired by your promo item to actually contact your company for its products and/or services. If this happens, you want the customer to immediately understand how to get in contact with you. By adding your phone number to the promo product you’re giving out, you make the search for a way to get in touch with you instantaneous. If you want to save a ton of money on your promotional marketing campaign efforts, you need to be buying your promo items in bulk

3. Usability is Key 

Investing in promotional items that do not actually provide any value or usability to your customers is ill-advised. You want to provide your customer with gifts they can use again and again in their daily lives. Whether that gift ends up being something wearable (like a t-shirt) or something for their kitchens (like a plastic cup), you also want the product to be easy and fun to use. A mixture of great design, usability, and a clearly branded display will help make your promotional marketing giveaway campaign a surefire hit. If your product is easy-to-use, consider asking your customers to post themselves using them on social media for an even bigger brand boost! 

4. Keep it Bright!

Knowing how to market your items in a friendly, bright fashion is key to running a successful promotional marketing campaign. If you design products that are bland, hard to read, or just downright unappealing to look at, you will have a harder time building an emotional connection between your target audience and your brand. Thankfully, many of the manufacturers who are dedicated to making promo products for companies are also experts in how to design those promo products as well. Ideally, your promo gift should be vibrant enough to stand out in even the most hyper, fast-paced online environments

5. Buy High-Quality Products

Even if you’re receiving something that is completely free, it’s a bummer when you’re gifted something of low quality. Especially since you want your customer to actually use and cherish the gift you’re giving them, it’s crucial that you go with high-quality products. Since you’ll be saving a ton of money by buying your promo gifts in bulk, you’ll have the extra budget needed to invest in high-quality promo products that will make your company (as well as its services) look amazing. 

6. Remember to Keep the Design Sincere 

As you’re considering how to design your promo gifts for maximum impact, be sure to consider how you can sincerely design them as well. Doing so will help keep your brand both more professional and more approachable. Nothing can scare away potential customers quite like insincere or inappropriately toned advertisements, after all. By doing your part to keep your design and giveaway efforts sincere, you will make the customers you’re targeting more likely to trust you. 

7. Avoid Sensitive Imagery 

As we mentioned several times above, you want to avoid imagery that is either poorly thought out or aggressive. By avoiding sensitive or potentially offensive imagery, you make your promo gifts more valuable to a much wider audience. After all, you want your promotional marketing campaign efforts to help you bring in the widest audience of new customers that’s humanly possible. 

8. Consider a Call-to-Action 

Lastly, it’s a great idea to add a full-on call-to-action somewhere on your promo gift. Keep it simple, and preferably right next to your company’s brand and contact info. Doing so will ensure customers are more likely to take on that call-to-action and become loyal, valuable customers for your brand. 

Perfect Your Promo Marketing Strategies in 2022

With these amazing tips, you can perfect the design of your promo gifts, and the promo strategies your brand is implementing in 2022. The more effort and research you put into this critical step of the marketing process, the more likely your brand’s campaigns will be to find massive success. 

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