April 15, 2024

Advertising space and how can you use it to make your business more visible

Advertising space and how can you use it to make your business more visible

By choosing the right methods, your company can only win in the competitive long run. Out of home advertising refers to outdoor advertising in public areas with intense traffic. More and more companies are heading in this direction, because of the many benefits it offers, compared to indoor. But in order to decide if this is the right choice for your business, you must know some useful information about where it can add value to your marketing efforts.

What is an outdoor advertising space?

Outdoor advertising spaces encompass all the advertising methods that can be used in outdoor spaces. There are several available options, which differentiate themselves by characteristics and target audiences. Here are some of them:

Backlit panels

Backlit panels are usually localized in key areas of the big cities, where they can be easily observed by the passers-by. Permanently illuminated, in order to be as visible by night time, these panels draw attention, even though their dimensions are quite small – max. 13 x 11 feet square.

Billboards, Unisigns, Unipols

Unisigns and billboards are more visible, due to installation preferences. Usually located on national roads, at the entry/ exit point of the main cities, on highways and city belts, these advertising products are much larger and usually exposed in high traffic areas. They can also be placed in the big cities – see New York billboards or Times Square billboards – where the exposure is very high. You can analyze their potential efficiency by taking two things into consideration: the specific of your brand or business and the typology of customers you want to reach.

Mesh panels

Mesh panels are usually exposed on buildings. They are a great alternative for central town areas, where there’s not enough room to display other types of advertising. They can be exposed both on in use buildings and under construction sites, where they can “dress up” the scaffolds and mask the site, by giving it a more commercial appearance.

Advertising prisms

When you have an ongoing promotional campaign or you want to promote an event you’re organizing, you can use advertising prisms. The prism doesn’t necessarily refer to the shape of this type of panel – as they can be triangle shaped, paravans, polygons or quadrilateral. The most usual places advertising prisms are displayed in are public markets, central areas and other public spaces with high (temporary) visibility.

Directional signs or panels

If your business’ location is on a busy boulevard and gets lost through the multitude of other brands or it’s hard to find, a directional sign can be the right choice to guide your potential customers. Use directional panels to mark direction instructions and guide your audience to your business easily.

Outdoor advertising spaces can be a huge advantage to any kind of business. In the modern world, the hurry, the low attention span and the limited time are a well-known story. That’s exactly why your business needs to adapt to this rhythm and find the best advertising opportunities, in order to become more visible and accessible to all the potential customers.

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