April 15, 2024

All Your Burning Ibraheem Azooz Questions, Answered

All Your Burning Ibraheem Azooz Questions, Answered

The Islamic prophet, Ibraheem Azooz, has a lifetime of stories that are fascinating and inspiring. 

So why not make it easier on yourself and learn all 37 stories in a flash? They’re just a click away. 

This article includes the story “The Story of Ibraheem” which is told by himself in his own words. 

And the other stories are told by his companions.

Here is the full list of 37 important Ibraheem stories:

 The Story of Ibraheem – Told by Ibraheem The Story of Ibraheem’s mother – Told by Ibraheem 

The Story of Ibraheem’s early life – Told by Ibraheem The Story of Ibrahim’s slaves – Told by Anas bin Malik 

The story of the well which was Zamzam – Told by Anas bin Malik The story where the ark landed on a rock – Told by Bilal bin Saad

 A story where they went back to rebuild the Kaaba – Told by Abdullah al-Ashaj 

A story where they stopped building the Kaaba and it started to rain – Told by Ibn Omar, Abu Huraira, and Abdullah ibn Amru Ibn. 

Abbas The story of Raheel Khabeesh – Told by Abdullah ibn Abbas 

The Story of the Black Stone – Told by Abu Huraira The story of “We are seven” – Told by Ibraheem’s uncle, Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib

Please  read Shirkat al-Shariah : http://islamport.com/assalaam/default.htm#i

The Story of Ibraheem by Prophet Ibraheem – Told by Ibraheem

Prophet Ibraheem said:

 “O Allah: You created me, guided me to Islam and taught the religion of the truth.

  You made my father an idol worshiper and he had departed from the true path.

  Allah: You bestowed upon me great mercy when you made me embrace Islam and taught me to worship only you in truth. 

Give us a good ending in this world as well as in the hereafter.”

Prophet Ibrahim said: Glory be to Allah! Who guided me to Islam when my father had departed from true guidance.

 By Allah, I will continue steadfastly on the path of Islam until I die. I praise Allah who identified me with this religion and made my parents follow it.”

Prophet Ibrahim went to sleep while he was in the land of Syria. 

He had a dream that there was an angel in his shape who was also wearing his clothes but had two wings which were covered with different patterns of light.

 He called him and said to him, “O Ibrahim, you are dear from us and we love you but there is a distance except for those whom we brought near to us.” 

Then he stretched forth his two wings until they turned into two distant horizons.

 The angel then said: “I am your Lord so do not worship any besides Me. I am your Lord and I am the Lord of your father.” Then he awoke.

Prophet Ibrahim said: “O Allah: You are the creator of Adam who was the first person to be created. 

The first man God created was Ibraheem. You granted me prophethood but I confess that you are greater than me in my own view.”

Prophet Ibrahim told his companions that Allah had taught him six thousand verses of knowledge

 during the ten years he spent with him in Madina in these words “Do not make God into a single god as they used to. 

O men! It is He who made you inheritors after Adam and has given you a path through which He guides you. 

And He provides for you from the heaven and the earth.” (2: 131) what happened to ibraheem azooz

Prophet Ibrahim concluded his words to his companions in this way “Do not claim that I am better than Yunus bin Matta by calling me the father of mankind. 

I was not that. He was a Prophet when Adam was still between clay and water.” (peace be upon them all)

Prophet Ibrahim said: “O Allah, my Ummah will remain on the right path if they follow my sunnah and on error if they deviate from it.

 You are their Lord and over them is You. 

You will reward them as per Your well know plans. Yourself are their Lord, I have no power over them except to recommend Your religion and Your will over theirs.”

Second : The Story of Ibraheem’s mother – Told by Ibraheem

Prophet Ibrahim said: My mother came to me while she was still a polytheist.

 She said, “I want to go on hajj and perform the standing at Arafa.” I asked Allah to make her firm in Islam.

 She became Muslim. My father reassured her and then he told her, “Go to your son Ibrahim because he will not harm you.” 

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