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Best of Taiwan Tech Trek 2017

Best of Taiwan Tech Trek 2017

The Taiwan Tech Trek is a tour of Taiwan’s most cutting-edge technology companies, from late September until November 16. 

It features live demos and showcases from the best of Taiwanese startups and the finest global corporations alike.

 In 2017, it will be hosted at nine locations across Taiwan for a five-day tour where guests can explore the latest in AI, VR/AR, mobile gaming, automotive innovation and much more.

The event has been designed to be accessible to all levels of expertise — whether you’re just starting out in your careers or an industry veteran with decades of experience — by providing workshops and talks to help attendees develop their skills and share knowledge.

The 2017 edition of the taiwan tech trek 2017 is organized by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, The Taiwan Foreign Trade Association, Taiwan Startup Stadium, Microsoft Taiwan R&D Center, United Microelectronics Corporation Foundation, TSMC Social Innovation Fellowship Program, New York University’s Innovation Center in Asia and Facebook Taiwan.

The first stop of the tour saw more than 500 members of the Taiwanese community descend on Microsoft’s Taipei office to meet with representatives from global corporations such as Intel and IBM as well as top local software companies. Keynote speakers included David Eun from Facebook’s Oculus team who talked about virtual reality development.

Some facts about Taiwan Tech Trek 2017 :

1. The Taiwan Tech Trek 2017  took place in nine cities and towns across the country.

2. It was an island tour that covers exactly one thousand kilometers.

3. The tour is open for anyone who wants to participate.

4. It took place from late September, before the Chinese New Year’s break, all the way through to November 16, 2017. [time] in Asia increasingly observes daylight saving time and in some places it went beyond 12 hours in a day.

5. Organized by TECO, The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, the Taiwan Foreign Trade Association, Taiwan Startup Stadium, Microsoft Taiwan R&D Center, United Microelectronics Corporation Foundation, TSMC Social Innovation Fellowship Program and New York University’s Innovation Center in Asia. Facebook Taiwan is an event partner.

6. As many as 12,000 people participated in the Taiwan Tech Trek 2017.

7. The Taiwan Tech Trek began with a visit to HTC at its Taipei headquarters.

8. The primary sponsor of the tour is Microsoft, which opened its doors to the event by inviting the press and over 500 members of the Taiwan business community to attend an exclusive lunch gathering at its campus in New Taipei District, Taipei.

9. The 2016 Taiwan Tech Trek attracted six thousand participants and generated 14 million media impressions. 

The 2017 edition generated over 10 million media impressions and saw 12,000 participants.

10. During the Taiwan Tech Trek 2017 event in Taipei, there were 38 speakers and presenters from all over the world:

11. The number of Taiwanese startups taking part in the event reached 30: [list]

12. On September 27th, one day before the beginning of the tour, TECO held a press conference in New Taipei City to introduce the program for this year’s tour [date] [time] [location].

13. In addition to the TECO press conference, a related video was posted on the ministry’s Facebook page [time] [location].

14. There was also a crowdfunding event in early September hosted by Chang Gung University [time] [location] for the Taiwan Tech Trek 2017.

15. There was a survey about which startups people want to see at the Taipei Tech Trek 2017 in September 2017. This data will be used to help select which of Taiwan’s pioneering companies will be highlighted during the tour.

16. The survey had over 500 respondents and results will soon be published on the Taiwan Tech Trek Facebook page and website under “Startups you want us to see”.

17.  The Taiwan Tech Trek 2017’s Facebook page reached over 143 thousand people and also had over 15 thousand “likes”. The website received 2 million hits and there were 13 million total views on both the Facebook page and website.

18. The event was live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube [time] [location]. It was accompanied by a digital magazine, a website and social media platforms.

19. The 2017 event witnessed an increase of 23% in the number of participants from last year, from 6,000 to over 10,000 people.

 In addition, the reach of the tour saw a 137% increase from 2016 to 2017 with over 10 million media impressions registered across networks including Facebook, Google and media channels such as Focus Taiwan and K News Channel [date] [time] [location].

20. The Taiwan Tech Trek was covered by over 200 media outlets from around the world, including the BBC, CNN and Forbes. This figure is up from the 1,000 media outlets who covered last year’s event.

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