April 14, 2024

Boost Your Customers’ Approval of Your Brand With These Marketing Strategies

Your customers, especially when they are in the moment, will only give you a short amount of time to make an impression with your brand. 

Of course, you want to be able to stick out from the competition and stand out from all of the noise. Clean ERSJ has some more information to boost your customer approval of your brand with some marketing strategies.

The following marketing strategies can help boost your customer’s approval of your brand at-a-glance:

The New Era of Marketing Strategy

1.A.A.R.P. Marketing:

The acronym A.A.R.P stands for add ’em, add ’em, add ’em . This marketing strategy is simple in theory and easy in execution: talk to customers that you know and that buy from you every day, ask them when they opened that item or when they last used it, when they plan on using it again and why and how long it has been in their possession .

Look for patterns in their answers. Did they purchase the item from you one year ago during your Black Friday sale? That’s a great time to reach out to them and ask if they have an upcoming project where they could use the item.

When you see a pattern, that’s when you reach out to them with an offer that will pique their interest.

2.Refresh Your Logo

While your logo may have served you well for years, it is important to know that consumers are very visual. When they see your logo, do they feel the product or service you provide will not help them? Do they feel your brand can’t help them? Because of this, it’s important to refresh your logo design every few years to ensure that your logo design has staying power. 

Your customers will appreciate that even though you went through the effort of keeping up with the times by refreshing your logo design, you’re still cognizant of what makes sense for them and their needs.

3.Branding on Social Media Sites

Gauge what others are saying about you on social media sites . What do they like, what do they dislike? Take note of their comments and you’ll be able to create a better marketing campaign.

4.Social Media Maps

Use social media maps to help you understand where your customers are acquiring information from, whether it be via search engine results, social media sites or email marketing.

Then, use the data to assess your strengths and weaknesses in that area. 

You can then develop a plan for improvement by planning on making changes to the areas that need improvement.

If there is no data point for a certain location, reach out and try and get more attention in that area .

5.A/B Tests

When crafting your ad campaigns, test out different ideas and copy to see which one yields the best results. 

In order to do this, you’ll want to use a program that helps you do so in a way that meets the requirements of a multivariate test. 

You can’t actually A/B test a single ad because there is no control group in place for it . Rather, you will have to have two options in place at once in order to measure effectiveness .

6.Personality Marketing

You’ll want to be able to build your brand personality into your marketing efforts . If there is something that is unique or quirky about your brand, convey that via your marketing campaign. 

If it’s not something that people will like in the long-term, it’s best to not stress too much in trying to convey your brand in a way that is not true to its nature.

7.Marketing Resources

When you’re starting out, there is no need to invest a lot of money into marketing resources . In fact, many smaller businesses get started using free resources such as social media sites and email marketing. 

This helps them develop a following of interested consumers who they can then continue to market to throughout their business’ lifecycle.

In order for this strategy to be successful, you have to have a long-term view of things and know that eventually your business will be able to afford a more robust marketing campaign .

Ultimately, you need to be able to determine what resources your brand needs at any given time in order to remain competitive and to move forward.

8.Email Marketing

The cost for customers for an email marketing campaign is much cheaper than the costs that are required for other forms of advertising. If your customer base is small, it may save you money in the long-term. As the size of your customer base increases, however, you will find that you need more bang for your buck when it comes to marketing efforts . 

To ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck in terms of email marketing, take advantage of free resources so you can test out different pieces of content without investing too much money upfront.

In order to do so, you can turn to sites such as BatchSMS . 

  • You will want to use different pieces of content to test out what works best with your customers . In order to have a successful email marketing campaign, you’ll need to have a brand voice that is genuine and consistent. This means that you’ll have to send out the same content with the same copy every time. 
  • Finally, a good email marketing campaign will be done in a way that is both personal and effective. This means your emails will be structured in a way that makes communicating easier for your customers . 

In order for this strategy to be successful, you will need an opt-in form on your website or landing page.


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