April 19, 2024
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Commencement of minecraft pe 0.11.0

Commencement of minecraft pe 0.11.0

The Minecraft Pocket Edition (MPE) 0.11.0 release has been made available by Mojang to all players,

 which means that the latest update is finally ready for download!

 The official release notes state the following:

 “This version contains changes and improvements across many areas of the game.”

  One notable improvement in MPE 0.11 is

The Minecraft Pocket Edition has become one of the most popular versions of Minecraft available to date, especially for mobile platforms. 

Mobile players have shown their love for the game in raising millions of dollars for 

charity through the “Million Dollar iOS/Android” MineCon event, and numerous YouTube video producers have created

 “Let’s Play”

 videos on YouTube which have received millions of views .

  This latest update brings a major update to the game’s user interface, 

which will be highly welcomed by mobile players who are used to big screens.

 The new user interface will allow users to streamline their experience across both Android and iOS devices .

There are a number of new features which Minecraft PE 0.11.0 offers players, including a new Creative inventory ,

 a new UI experience, a better chat interface and more .

The update also comes with a number of tweaks which will make gameplay far more enjoyable for players .

For PC players, 

version 0.11.0 does not come with any changes aside from the modifications made to the user interface and Minecraft’s main menu .

Along with the usual bug fixes, the latest update also introduces minor tweaks to gameplay.

 For instance, players can now find golden apples in chests hidden across terrain, hit enemies 

with any hitbox at any time and use commands for teleporting between the Nether and Overworld .

The full list of changes in 0.11.0 can be found here .

The release for this version was delayed to July 17, 2013, in order to fix an issue in

 which players could not connect to servers since the Minecraft 0.10.4 update was pushed live to the world .

Earlier on June 9, while playing a survival game, a user on Reddit posted a link to a save file

 which contained a “Space Cube” item.

 The mini-game in question is called Space Jockey, and players can claim an item from the 

creator that will allow them to build bases in space .

With the new update that dropped at the beginning of May, however, players were still not able to move on with their games.

 In an effort to fix this issue, Mojang announced on their official blog that they had bumped up 

the download size for Minecraft PE 0.11.1 by around 10 GB, making it even more difficult for users who have limited storage space .

Minecraft PE 0.11.

  The latest update includes a plethora of new additions and changes, making the game more enjoyable than ever before .


 is the first release on the new Bedrock Engine (1.0) created by Mojang! We look forward to see what updates we’ll get out of Bedrock Engine 1.

when is minecraft pe 0.11.0 coming out  1.0 Versions 

Initial Release

Added Creeper, Enderman, Zombie Pigman, Zombie Villager and Skeleton.

Added Zombies in the Nether.

Added Iron Golems in villages.

Added the Nether with Nether Fortresses, Blaze Spawners, Magma Cubes and Ghasts.

Added Strongholds in the Overworld. 

Added Silverfish mobs within them under certain conditions.

 Added Witches within them under certain conditions. 

Added Ender Chests within them occasionally containing many blocks of quartz ore inside. 

Added experience orbs for completing them under certain conditions ,

 including finding an End Portal Frame which can be used to create an End Portal to the End .

Added Ender Pearls which can be used to teleport to a set place or between players in a Multiplayer Server.

Added a new type of biome: The Ocean Monument.

Added a new mob: The Elder Guardian.

Added non-solid blocks such as fences, signs, torches and other blocks to the hitbox.

Added the Item Frame block as well as an item called an Item Frame .

 Added the ability to view the screenshots through external applications such as Tweetbot and iFiles via tapping and holding on a screenshot thumbnail. 

 Added the ability to save screenshots as GIFs on iOS devices .

Added the ability to easily create and edit text sounds on iOS devices .

Added a new NPC: The Zombie Pigman.

Added a new mob: Zombies.

Added mobs which spawn naturally in netherbrick-like structures called Nether Fortresses.

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