June 19, 2024
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Donald trump -if i win the election “i will gladly show my tax returns

Donald trump -if i win the election “i will gladly show my tax returns

If Donald Trump ran for president, he would gladly show his tax returns. 

That’s one promise the Republican candidate could keep if he wins the election on November 3. 

Back in September 2012, Trump told reporters that he would release his returns 

if President 

Barack Obama released more information about his birth certificate, which Obama had yet to do.

“I’ll have to look into it,” Trump said, according to ABC News. “There’s so many different things going on I’ve got to look at.”

On Sunday night, Trump said that releasing his tax returns was “no big deal” and that it would be “good for the country. 

Trump said he would have no problem “because it’s been looked at already.”if i win the election “i will gladly show my tax returns”

Trump has been under constant pressure from the public to release his tax returns.

 In October, he told ABC News that there was “nothing to learn” from his tax forms. 

In August, Trump told CBS News’ John Dickerson that he would be willing to publish them—but so far, nothing has come of it.

The fact that Trump hasn’t released his tax returns is a sore spot with the Republican nominee and a point of contention for his critics.

 Many have questioned whether or not Trump is as rich as he claims to be, and what exactly he might be hiding in those documents.

Hillary Clinton brought Trump’s tax returns up in the first presidential debate.

“There are some leaked reports that [Trump] hasn’t paid any federal income tax,” she said. “That would be illegal. It would be unethical.”

The Republican nominee has not yet released his tax returns, 

but he did produce a letter from his attorneys declaring that his tax filings from 2009 through 2014 were being audited by the IRS. 

The letter states that the audits are ongoing and will prevent him from releasing them before November 8th, according to CNN. 

Trump previously said he would not release his tax returns if they were under audit, but the letter seems to confirm that policy.

Trump’s taxes could be a useful tool for Hillary Clinton if she wins the election and also has to release her tax returns. 

That’s because Trump is not required to release his tax returns while his audits are ongoing, but when the audit is over, he will have to release them.

And, that’s where the “no big deal” remark comes in. 

Trump told Clinton that no one would care about his tax returns once they’re released six months from now. 

It’s also possible he won’t release them at all.

“There’s nothing to learn from them,” Trump said on ABC. “They’re fine.”

The reason there is such a big deal about tax returns is because of 

the amount of money Trump has made over the years and how little he has given to government at either the federal, state or local level—

two facts that might say something about how self-funded and self-made he is as a candidate for president.

Trump has claimed that he was simply following the law.

“You have to pay as little tax as possible,” he told Fox News. “Haven’t even thought about it.”

The taxes themselves were of little interest to him, and like many wealthy people, 

he doesn’t think that money should be going to the government anyway.

 He explained his view on taxes at a Republican debate in September:

 “I fight like hell to pay as little tax as possible, ok? Not fair for the middle class and not fair for many companies.

 But what I said is you have to pay as little tax as possible. And you have to also spend as little as possible.”

So, if Trump doesn’t pay a lot of tax, why will he release his tax returns? 

As Tax Day is near, Trump might be more concerned about how the returns will be received than he lets on.

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 “i will gladly show my tax returns” … -if donald trump runs for president he will gladly show his tax returns.

 that’s one promise the… trump to release his trump told reporters at a press conference thursday afternoon

 that he would release his returns if president barack obama released more information about his birth certificate to attention.

. larry sabato’s crystal ball.. on nbc news monday morning.

 “i will proudl show my tax returns, said trump if elected i will proudly show my tax returns.

 that’s one promise the republican can keep if he wins the election on november 3 .

 remember this.. on cnns sunday morning. “i will proudl show my tax returns , said trump if elected i will proudly show my tax returns.

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