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Facts About Life Of Female Magicians

Facts About Life Of Female Magicians

The history of female magicians is often overshadowed by the more famous male figures who created magic on stage, but today’s female magicians are proving themselves just as talented, innovative, and original. 

There are some fascinating facts about the life of a female magician that might surprise you! If you’re interested in learning more about them or perhaps trying your hand at some tricks yourself, these sites will give you an informative look at their past and present. 

Let’s get started!

Female magicians were originally thought to have been inspired by tales from ancient Greece. Some of the earliest female magicians are said to have been women who were prostitutes or dancers, but they later gained more respect as fortune tellers. 

It wasn’t until the twelfth century that female magicians first appeared on stage, but it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that there were more females involved with magic, probably because more of them had the required knowledge.

When women do choose to become professional entertainers, they are pushed to be subservient to their male counterparts, which may cause some of them to feel oppressed. 

However, many of them accept the fact that they will be treated differently and simply perform in front of male audiences.

Most female magicians are no longer living in their hometowns and instead travel around the world to perform at festivals and conventions. 

They often get paid significantly less than their male counterparts, but that doesn’t stop some of 

them from continuing on with their craft. 

Here are some facts about life of female magicians:-

1. Margaret Thatcher is the only Prime Minister that was a female magician.

She helped the British government to step into a new era of transparency and honesty through her use of misdirection. 

A magician, she put on a very good show, but she did not fool everyone. She did not fool the masses either, but she left an image in their minds of a “trusted” politician.

2. Magicians don’t normally get their big break until they are in their forties.

This is when they are at their prime, and when they are most likely to have acquired enough experience with magic to put on a very good show. 

Magic is an art that takes time to master, and it is fairly difficult to find these women in their twenties, because most of them are still aspiring. By the time they reach forty, they have established themselves quite well within the world of magic.

3. Betty Page is a famous female magician.

Betty Page was a blond bombshell that helped to define the pin up era. She had a very seductive look, and even men that were typically opposed to the pin up genre fell prey to her charm. 

She knew how to present herself, and she used her charm as a means of misdirecting attention from her tricks. 

Meanwhile, many of the people that had been fooled by her trickery would find solace in convincing themselves that they had not been fooled by trickery at all, but by Betty’s beauty instead.

4. Female magicians often have small hands.

Small hands can be useful in things such as sleight of hand, and many people consider the fact that these women have smaller hands to be an integral part of their ability to fool people with their tricks. 

Their tricks are not just magic tricks though. Some use what they refer to as “the art of femininity” to fool men, but they all use some form of misdirection for the sake of getting what they want out of life.

These women tend to wear large rings so that they seem more interesting than they actually are, and this is another form of misdirection. A female magician can do anything if she puts her mind to it, and sometimes she doesn’t even need her mind for this task. She can lean forward, then she can deftly lean backwards. 

She can do all of this without getting caught up in any of the details. She is a goddess who has the ability to transform herself into someone completely different, and this is something that men cannot resist.

5. Magicians rely heavily on their ability to make people feel attracted to them

They use their powers of misdirection effectively in order to push past societal norms and to get what they want out of life without having to lift a finger for it. 

A good magician understands that society will always try to prevent her from getting what she wants, so she uses her wits against it instead. The world is a very complicated place, and a good magician knows that a simple trick can hide a complex strategy.

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