June 24, 2024

Master The Art Of Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing With These 5 Tips

Master The Art Of Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing With These 5 Tips

The word stuffing is an understatement when you taste the mouth-watering cream-of-the-crop goodness of Stouffer’s since 1967. 

This flavorful surprise inside a flap of bread crust is a regular at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and most holidays. It’s not hard to see why it is such a popular family favorite.

If you’re a fan of stouffer’s stove top stuffing, then you know that there’s nothing quite like it. It’s the perfect comfort food for the holidays – festive, savory, and comforting. 

With only five simple ingredients, Stouffer’s gives you the perfect stuffing recipe that has lasted for over 40 years. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to master this recipe in no time!

5 Tips to Master The Art of Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing

1. Use a Sprinkle of Vegetables

I think it’s time we stopped calling this recipe an “art form” and focus on the fundamentals of cooking. If you want to cook like a pro, you need to follow some very specific instructions. The first thing you want to do is use the right mixing bowl. 

I prefer to use a glass or stainless steel bowl because it has a non-porous surface and will not retain any smells or flavors from previous meals.

This is one of the most important things when it comes to baking. You don’t want your food flavors mixing with the flavorings of other foods.

2. Use Just One Large Chicken Breast

A day before cooking the stuffing, have your butcher take out just one large chicken breast so you will have enough leftover meat to make the dish. It’s best to use a breast with enough meat for two meals. 

This will ensure that the stuffing is moist and tasty throughout. If you don’t have leftovers, try to buy a bird with enough meat for at least four-five servings.

3. Use a Fresh Tarragon Herb

I recommend using a fresh tarragon herb so the taste will be more intense. You can find tarragon near the green onions in the produce section at your local grocery store. It’s important to use fresh tarragon (and maybe some parsley) because this herb loses its flavor over time.

4. Make the Stuffing in Advance

It’s best to make the stuffing at least a day ahead so all you have to do is follow the instructions on the box and add water (or chicken stock) to cover the ingredients, cook and add your seasoning mix for that extra special touch. 

Also, using a glass or stainless steel bowl will help avoid any smells from your previous meals coming through in your food.

5. Use a Large but Flexible Spoon

Make sure that your spoon is large enough to scoop out the stuffing from the bowl, but flexible enough to squeeze it. I prefer a very large spoon that can also be used as a spatula. 

This will ensure you have enough room to mix all your ingredients without spilling or burning yourself on the stovetop. Just remember to use a potholder!

6. Don’t Forget to Enjoy!

Once you’ve finished mastering the art of making Stouffer’s stove top stuffing, follow the instructions on the box and enjoy! You’ll be able to recreate this delicious dish in no time. It’s important to make sure you cook your stuffing in a glass or stainless steel bowl with a non-porous surface. 

This will ensure that all flavors are retained and don’t mix with previous meals or odors. Most importantly, just remember that you don’t want your neighbor’s cooking flavors mixing with yours.

Stouffer’s Thanksgiving Day Family Ties is an hour-long special featuring the loveable Shays as they prepare for their annual holiday gathering in celebration of dad Joe Shay’s birthday. 

The family gathers in a real-life version of a Norman Rockwell painting in a home that looks perfect for the holidays.

At the end of the film, Joe Shay gives his daughter directions on how to make “the best stuffing ever.” It’s from this special episode, this recipe was created so viewers could recreate it at home. 

The stuffing is made with fresh stuffing bread, chopped celery and onion, bacon pieces, poultry seasoning and melted butter. In terms of ingredients, it’s pretty straightforward.

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