April 19, 2024

Funny and clever stardew valley farm names

Funny and clever stardew valley farm names

Do you play Stardew Valley? If so, this list of funny and clever farm names should inspire some 

great memories. If not, don’t worry. It’s a fun little farming simulation game that’s lighthearted 

and easily accessible to anyone who enjoys the simple life on their own little farm in Stardew 

Valley. I’m sure many of you would love to just sit down with your laptop/gamepad/console and 

enjoy the experience without the hassle of owning land or having to work hard for your success.

No matter which you choose, these farm names are sure to tickle your funny bone.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you might not know how complicated it is to get your farm up 

and running. As of this writing, there are over 400 registered farms in the game. With so many 

options out there, it can be hard to find one that strikes your fancy so I’ve had some fun 

compiling this list of suggestions for some great Stardew Valley names that will provide 

amusement for years to come. 

10) QuirkyTowns

Many players like to put out farms that look like they came straight off of a vintage board game 

or cheesy Sears catalog (myself included). With quirky names like the QuirkyTowns, you’ll have 

a hard time not calling your farm a board game.

9) FunnyFarm

This farm name should come as no surprise to anyone who’s played Stardew Valley. The 

creator of this list has been smirking all day as I write this. The last one on the list, the 

FunnyFarm is the perfect combination of cute and cool for those who love adorable animals as Stardew Valley does.

8) WatermelonGardens

If you’ve ever played games like Harvest Moon or Animal Breeding Simulator , then you should 

recognize that watermelons are an important part of growing crops in Stardew Valley . In fact, 

you’ll be surprised how often watermelon seeds can be found on the ground after a new day begins.

7) Squirrel Farm

The Squirrel Farm is for those who want to establish a farm and establish their mastery of 

squirrel farming as a hobby. This farm name is also funny because the owner of this farm is 

likely to be obsessed with feeding her squirrels. You never know what you might find in those 

pockets that she keeps on her coat!

6) YoutuberFarm

If you’re part of one of those online gaming communities such as Twitch, Youtube, or even 

Reddit , then chances are some of your friends also play Stardew Valley . It’s a logical choice to 

want to name your farm after the Youtuber that you admire, but there are some other fun 

selections out there if you’re an established gamer yourself.

5) Giraffe Farm

Anyone who’s into quirky gaming would be sure to love this one. The Giraffe Farm is a great 

choice for any farming-obsessed gamer out there, whether they have actual giraffes on their 

property or are simply huge animal lovers. What other farm would be complete without at least 

one single-horned animal running around?

4) RusticFarms

This one is great for anyone who loves nature or wants to portray themselves as a nature lover. 

They can pick a name like the RusticFarms and share their love of nature with other gamers as 

they learn about their digital surroundings. If you’re not afraid of bugs and want to remind 

everyone that nature is awesome, this is the Stardew Valley farm name for you. 3) 


As we’ve learned from “Stranger Things” recently, a barn is a great place to find some 

fascinating things. In Stardew Valley , it’s no different. While walking around outside your house, 

you’ll have to be on the lookout for things like mice and moldy pieces of food…things that can 

give your farm a bad reputation. The HairRaisingFarm is for those who want to keep their grass 

down and keep the creepy crawlies at bay!

2) ShadyFarms

If you’re worried about leaving footprints behind, wearing shoes, or even walking around 

barefoot, then the ShadyFarms is the Stardew Valley farm name for you. It’s also a great choice 

if you don’t want any visitors to your farm since visitors tend to leave footprints on your rooftops.

1) FunnyFarm stardew valley farm names

This one makes complete sense, but it’s a great way to communicate to your friends and other 

gamers that you’re a fun person. We all have those friends who are always happy, seem to be 

playing games all the time , and are always silly. In fact, it might even be hard to tell sometimes 

that you’re having a serious conversation with them! If you feel like maybe your personality is 

somehow missing from Stardew Valley , then it’s time to change your name…because everyone 

wants a FunnyFarm.

Fun Fact: The author of this article is “FunnyFarm” in Stardew Valley . His favorite crops include corn and peppermint.

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