June 21, 2024

Happiness Bringing Motivation to the Students

Happiness Bringing Motivation to the Students

Happiness is the key to a good and successful life because one stays happy if he or she has good social connections and it is a bitter truth that no one talks to a sad faced individual. Everyone thinks that being happy and staying happy is one thing whereas not becoming happy is easy but to make happiness stay in mind and health is not so easy. As far as students are concerned, happiness is an integral part of their life and they need to be happy as much as they can. Students work hard and put their maximum efforts in their studies in order to become successful and full of knowledge in class and there is no doubt in it. In school motivation comes to the students only when they are happy and it is found in my studies that students stay very happy if they have good relationships with their peers and tutors. Even institute ERP accepts that a happy student is the most motivated student and it doesn’t take much to motivate students, it just needs happiness. Keeping this in concern, school management of various schools these days are incorporating innovative tools in the teaching learning process like software for school management to help the student stay relieved from the burden of excessive pressure of studying and stay happy. So, let’s find out how happiness brings motivation to the students.

Student life is full of challenges and without challenges there is no motivation in student life. But it is found in many studies that like everything there should be a balance in the matter of challenges or we can say a right balance of challenge. for being motivated students need to stay happy and for that they need to have some balance in challenges in their life like if they will have little challenge then it will make them lethargic and if they have too much challenge then it will make them exhausted so there need to have a balance in the challenge level also then only students can stay happy. Also, students need to have some social connections apart from school peers so that they can feel and become happy about having their own social appearance and self-esteem. Due to their social connections’ students get ample amounts of emotional support and help. Institute ERP of many educational institutions arrange outdoor activities in order to make students more social so that they can learn to get connected to people other than school. Tutors need to understand that when the students flourish, they stay happy and this happiness leads them to motivation.

As school management flourish in the company of software for school management in the same ways there are many conditions and ways students can flourish happily. When students practice gratitude then they feel a lot. It doesn’t matter if they feel it for any one or any other feels it for them, in both the way it soothes the hearts of both the people. And due to this, students get motivation to be good to others and faithful to their duties. Students need to understand that happiness contaminates others. If you are happy and smiling then others will also feel happy and smiling in your company so they need to stay happy always. For this they can support others and it brings so much happiness. This encourages the students to do as many acts of kindness as many students can do and to show kindness there is no particular place or time students can do this whenever they feel it to be done. 

Laughter is the best therapy in the world for a lot of mental diseases. The one who never escapes a single chance to laugh lives healthy and happy always. Students should also not leave a single chance to incorporate humour in their conversation because it has many benefits. A student who always talks humour in his or her conversation he/she is liked by everyone – adults, peers, juniors and people in society. People wait for such jolly individuals. It is so because everyone in this world is having some problems in life so everyone needs someone with whom he or she can laugh and lightens the mind and heart. This motivates the students to stay happy and fruitful to their goals and life.

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