June 19, 2024
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How does secret stash work on refillable potions?

How does secret stash work on refillable potions?

Many people use the same line of pens or markers everyday, for weeks and months, and don’t think twice about it. 

However, there is a downside to constantly using one resource: if you run out of ink before your supply replenishes with a new package, there’s no way for you to save the device.

With refillable pens and markers though, you can save your ink and set aside a secret stash in case something happens and you need more soon.

 The advantage to this is that you can use your refillable pen or marker when it runs out of ink (all the time actually, you’ll never run out), but not when it runs out of ink.

There are three places in the game where you can store items in your inventory: in your pockets, in your backpack, and in your purse.

 You can also use containers like binders, paper bags (made by bottled water, etc.), and books (released by game updates).

How does secret stash work on refillable potion :

1.Sell empty potion bottles – 

This is the most generous way of getting money. You can sell all sorts of potions that are used to refill other potions.

2.Sell potions that are only half-full or this will be wasted –

 A potion that is only half-full is not worth much, so you should sell it. To sell an item, drag and drop it in your inventory and then put it in a desired category in the ‘shell’ menu .

 The more expensive an item, the higher the price and therefore, the higher probability of selling it successfully.

3.Sell all potions in each category – 

When you want to sell all items from a certain category, drag them on top of another one with a different color (e.g. drag them on top of a grey item). 

The price of an item is equal to its price when it was bought from the general store, minus 50 % of it.

4.Sell a full potion and a half-full one if the price is different – 

This will give you a reasonable amount of money and one-and-a-half potions in return. This way you will have more time to wait until your containers are filled up again. 

You can also do this with items from other categories. In the same way, for instance, if bottles are on sale, you can get more money by selling two half-full bottles together with a full one.

5.Sell half-full and full potions together – 

If you want to earn money as fast as possible, you will have to sell half-full potions or just full ones.

 However, keep in mind that when an item is sold, there is no guarantee that it will be available again later. If your secret stash has just ten items in it, never sell all of them at once.

6.Sell soups with only one sip left – 

 When you buy a soup at the shop, you can drink it instantly or save it for the future. 

If you have a full container with a half-full container in it, you can use your complete soup and a half-full one. 

This is a good idea if you need to get back to work soon, but don’t have time to wait for complete potions.

7.Stash foods that don’t spoil – 

You can store food that doesn’t spoil in your purse; however, it is not always available (if there is already something in the same category or if there is already an item of the same type). 

Therefore, this trick will only work when you know what foods are available and when they won’t be spoiled.

8.Sell items in your purse – 

Hungry? Do not hesitate to use this item when you are in need of money in the middle of nowhere. Your purse can be found next to your avatar. 

You can immediately buy another one for 200 zlotys at any time during the game. 

This is also a good choice if your bag is full already and you are about to get home, but have no way to get all the items you have left in it back into it. Just deposit these items in your wallet or sell them, whatever you prefer .

9.Sell items that are not in your avatar – 

If you find an item in your backpack, be sure to check whether it is still there when you exit the game.

 The arrow at the bottom left shows what is in your avatar; however, if you don’t check this time after time, you might lose it.

10.Sell items that are not used any more – 

Items that are not in use anymore can be just put back into your backpack or purse to save some space.

 Obviously, there is no need in using an item that cannot be used right now if there is just one of them.

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