July 16, 2024

How secret stash works on refillable potions?

How secret stash works on refillable potions?

When you use these secret stash vials to make your potions, they last a lot longer than normal potions. 

You have the option to choose how long your potion will last for, ranging from 2 hours to 3 months! 

This can be a lifesaver when you’re planning on spending some time out of town or just don’t want to keep using up all your bottles.

 Plus, using one of these vials instead of adding a specific ingredient will save you money by not having them go into storage! 

So what are you waiting for? Let those little vials work their magic and turn any old potion into something new!

Secret stash is a website about making potion bottles that can be refilled for different lengths of time. 

The site was made by a sister and brother team. The sister worked on the code, HTML, CSS, and design,

 while the brother created graphics for the site and did some basic coding. In the future there may be more to the site than just secret stash potions! does secret stash work on refillable potion

The bottles are created by attaching a drop of potion image to a reusable bottle. 

The bottles can be refilled with various amounts of potion drops listed on each bottle. 

This makes it so that you can create as many potions as you want without worrying about running out at any point in time.

 All you need to do is find an image of the potion you want, and attach it to a reusable bottle.

The bottles that are created can also be used in other creative ways. For example,

 when you use a custom potion bottle with a contact lens viewing potion attachment, it becomes like a magnifying glass! 

You can also use them as cell phone charms, or even key chains! So by using these different secret stash potions and attachments, 

there’s truly no limit to the amount of imaginative ideas that can come from just one simple potion bottle.

Secret stash is best viewed in 1024 by 768 resolution. This is the same as 800×600 and 640×480 resolution.

 Seamless design also works well on most computers.

 If you have any questions or comments, 

feel free to e-mail at: [email protected] . We hope you’ll enjoy using our secret stash potions from now on!

 When you click it, you will be asked to enter your name and then record your message. 

After that, click “Ok”. You will then be asked to enter a password. This is just so that no one else (other than you) 

can upload their own recordings of your voice. Now, after you go to the recording page, click “OK” and 

whatever voice recording program pops up (or if you don’t have a mic), put in the message that 

you want recorded as long as it does not infringe on any copyrights or laws. Play it a few times until there are no glitches or static. 

Once done, go back to the site and click submit. Make sure the password is correct and again… click submit.

 If the message does not get submitted, you did not click the button correctly or you entered an incorrect password. 

After it has been submitted, you will be taken to a page saying that your voice recording has been submitted…

 it doesn’t always work and then when you go back to check on it, you may have to resubmit, so keep trying.

The “So Secret Stash” is just a secret stash vial that says “So Secret” on it and instead of a picture of potion on the bottle, there is just a little blue drop.

Once your voice is on the site… you can then attach it to the vials. Here is a tutorial on how to do that:

It’s pretty self explanatory once you get there, but here are all the steps

1. Go to Secret Stash Vials

2. Click on what kind of vial you want based on length of time. (So Secret, So Secret Stash, etc)

3. Choose pictures for vial if you haven’t already

4. Click “Customize your new looking potion bottle!” and then upload it from your computer or choose from images online.

5. Make sure the “Uploaded potion bottle” drop down is clicked on and then click the “Submit” button.

6. Once submitted, you will be taken to another page… make sure it is correct and then click submit again.

7. You will be taken to an email that you can check for your message… make sure the email address is correct and your message is not copyrighted or illegal.

8. Wait for 2 weeks for the site to review it and then it will be approved!

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