April 15, 2024

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide:Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide:Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault

Trouble with mind control spells?

Don’t know how to cast them in an efficient way?

Can’t really tell if your casting is effective or not?

If any of these issues are causing you trouble, worry no more. Cerberos has got you covered. 

He’ll lead the way straight to its master for a bit of personal time out and help you get it together.

The general idea is to have Cerberos either fight for you or be some sort of buff for your party. 

He’ll burn through your enemies with the divine fury of his anger and even make them more susceptible 

to magic from clerics and those that aren’t against mind control. It’s not a complex feat, but it does require some care.


 isn’t an illusion caster, so if he loses all his hit points, he’s done for. 

While he can make himself out to look like anything you need him to be, the opponent will most likely be able

 to detect him as something they know all too well while they are focused on other things.

His range is good, but it’s not that impressive. 

This can actually be an advantage if you know your enemies will detect a spellcaster as soon as they see him and instead rely on him to make the first move. 

This way, you’re controlling their actions and are less likely to get caught in a trap yourself. 

Just make sure your cleric isn’t seated in metal armor or carrying a +4 glaive when you do this trick.

Cerberos’s area effect is one of the best in the game, so it’s worth taking the time to make a copy before you deploy him. 

That way, you can cast it from a safe distance and have your AC buffed by whatever he does to his target.

 It’ll also prevent you from having to worry about spell failure (or at least lower the chance significantly) when using drawmij or any similar spell.

Cerberos has good saves, as well as some nice bonus spells that won’t be used until late in the fight. 

This can be taken advantage of by casting defensive spells like resist energy and protection from elements on him before you send him in. 

This way,

 if the enemy manages to penetrate his defenses, your cleric won’t die immediately.

Give him a helm of telepathy if you want him to be your means of communication on the battlefield. 

This way, he can still cast while moving (and so can the party) and your cleric won’t have to worry about losing all its spells (or worse, dying) 

when it takes an action when Cerberos dies.

Using Cerberos relies on two things: good timing and precision placement. 

He’s not a warrior, so putting him out in front isn’t going to get you anywhere. He’s a heavy hitter, 

so you need to have him go in first and strike hard. This way, the enemy will focus on him until it’s too late. 

Use your ranged attacks to keep things moving while the party takes on more familiar foes and gives you a little more breathing room.

The most important thing

 about using Cerberos is that he can’t be saved for anything else; 

he needs to be available as soon as possible. If he waits, he’ll die from whatever it is that took them out.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of good spells for Cerberos in the game, so don’t focus entirely on buffing him up for use against mind control spells.

 He’ll be the focus of the enemy, so he will get hit with mind effects before anyone else. 

Don’t let that bother you, however; he can still go on if you play your cards right.

For some fun, use his concealment spell against a fighter (or anyone else with high strength). 

As long as nobody sees him coming (they’ll have to roll a 17 or higher to detect him), 

it should be possible for him to hit for at least 11 or 12 damage without retaliation. 

This will make the most patient of foes come after you, which is just what you need in a battle where defenses are key.

Cerberos’s stats are fairly balanced, even if they aren’t top-notch. 

He has a few weaknesses 

(such as his speed), but nothing that he can’t work around.

 If you need to have him attack, have him cast spells while whittling away at the enemy with his divine fury and then go in for the kill. 

Otherwise, focus on getting the enemy off guard to make your job easier.

When you’re done, Cerberos will thank you for everything and depart for whatever he was created for. taking cerberos for a walk

The Vault – Dragonlance Nexus

This site is absolutely one of my favourites for finding good solid information about DA modules and novels. 

I have used it extensively in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

 Fast loading, easy to navigate and stellar content, What more can a gamer want? Check it out!


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