July 15, 2024

Is There a Trick to Cheat Slots and Ensure Winnings?

Is There a Trick to Cheat Slots and Ensure Winnings?

No matter what casino you enter – either a traditional or an online one – you will get to see that the most popular casino game is a slot machine. The truth is that this is a lucrative game for both the player who can win significant sums of money and the house as millions of people pay daily to try out their luck. Rigging a slot machine is practically impossible in this day and age, mostly thanks to the Random Number Generator that most casinos rely on. However, cheaters worldwide have come up with several hacks and tricks to help players earn money. Slot machines have always been a game of cat and mouse between the casinos and cheaters, but is there a trick or a hack that can help one cheat slots and ensure winnings? Also, what have been the most popular ways to cheat a slot machine, and do these ways work now?

Hacks for slot machines

Using cheat codes

Gambling authorities are there to make sure that the gambling and gaming industries are operating fairly and correctly. The games are designed so that they can be monitored and audited correctly and to offer the best possible gaming experience. Be as it may, sometimes it’s possible that the engineer behind the design of the gaming machine rigs the game by introducing certain codes for their own advantage. The most popular example of this is Ronald Dale Harris (also known as the engineer from the Nevada Gaming Commission). What he did was cheat machines by knowing the source code of the game, and as a result, his partner had a great win at a casino where we won more than $100.000, which was when the scam was discovered. This basically means that it’s possible to cheat at a game using a code, although finding a code is extremely difficult and rare.

Using software glitches

Software glitches have been manipulated by cheaters for decades now. However, if you want to learn how to cheat a slot machine, it would be good to follow the example of a 90-year-old lady who was brave enough to use this situation to her advantage. Namely, in 2015 she won $41 million on a Miss Kitty slot machine thanks to a software glitch. This was the most famous cheating incident, thanks to software glitches, and since then, a big portion of actual winners have been denied their winnings because of software glitches. In this case, players can play certain stakes and games to confuse the machine and trigger a glitch that will pay out the jackpot. 

Using a magnet

The idea of using a magnet to cheat machines has been seen in movies and cartoons since a long time ago. It’s not really possible to cheat modern-day slot machines with this technique, as they are all programmed by computer software, and everything depends on the RNG. However, if you find yourself at a casino with older machines that are made out of metal, this trick can prove to be quite helpful. This is done by spinning the slot machine and then using a powerful magnet to help them stop spinning when you see your winning combination. 

Using a bill validator device

Introducing fake money to the game can be just another way to cheat a slot machine. This is another technique that’s impossible to do at online casinos or modern casinos that don’t accept cash, but it can be quite easy to find an older slot machine. The bill validator is a very simple and a very effective slots cheat. It’s a small device wrapped around a bill in order to make the slot machine think that it’s a different bill than the one you actually have. If, for example, you have a $1 bill, the bill validator device can trick the slot machine into thinking it’s a $100 bill.

Hacking RNG cycles

Although all of the tricks above cannot be used in just any casino, cheating some slot machines using your mobile phone is possible. It is believed that RNG is safe because it’s random, but reverse engineering has discovered that some design generators can be tricked. Players with good mathematical skills can be convenient here as they can hack a slot machine regardless of the RNG. A team of cheaters figured out how the numbers on a slot machine would come up, and they sent people to play at many casinos around the world, and told them when to play and when. As a result, the RNG was hacked and the cheaters won millions of dollars. 

However, to figure out when the slot machine would be ready, they needed a computer expert who was to determine then the RNG would be in the right cycle. Thanks to technology, it was very easy to send videos of people playing slots on mobile phones to the expert who was outside of the casino. Then, the person listening to the recordings could tell where the slots were located, and he could exactly tell when the player should click the button. At the right time, the winning spinning combination would appear. 

Conclusion: How possible is it to hack a slot machine?

Although all of these tips and tricks sound interesting and exciting, the truth is that fewer people can cheat at slot machines than before. That, however, doesn’t mean this endeavor is impossible – it’s only very difficult to find a slot machine that’s easy to cheat. It’s also good to know that all successful slot machine hackers ended up in prison, which means this is a very risky job in the end.

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