April 14, 2024

Why So Much Hue & Cry Over Unlocking The Iphone Carrier?

Why So Much Hue & Cry Over Unlocking The Iphone Carrier?

Whether you are purchasing an iPhone or trading your old device, you need to have all the information regarding a locked and unlocked iPhone. To understand why this information is crucial, go through this post. 

Locked V/s unlocked iPhone

A locked iPhone has a software code that prevents users from using the phone with other network carriers. On the other hand, an unlocked phone does not have any software lock and can be used with a network carrier. So, if you think a different network carrier is offering better deals than the one you are subscribing to currently, you can easily change the network carrier if your phone is unlocked. But if it is locked, you need first to find ways to unlock your phone. 

Unlocking your iPhone 

When it comes to how to unlock iPhone carrier, the first consideration is how you bought your home. For instance, if you have purchased your phone via a US carrier or directly from Amazon or Apple, your phone is already unlocked. 

Phones bought through Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile might have locks. It would be best to find out the criteria that must be satisfied to unlock your phone. Sometimes, phones are locked when they are sold, but they are automatically unlocked at a later date. However, there’s no need to be confused because you can easily check whether your phone is locked or unlocked. You can go to Settings on your phone > tap Mobile Data > check for Mobile Data Network or Cellular Data Network. If you find this option, it means your phone is unlocked. 

Amazing benefits of unlocking your iPhone 

Unlocking your iPhone will open you to myriad opportunities that are quite favorable to you. From using your phone on prepaid international SIM cards to an unsupported network carrier, you can choose to use your phone however you like. Some of the standout benefits of unlocking your phone are given below. 

  • Ability to use your phone with a different network carrier 

An unlocked iPhone can be used with a variety of compatible network carriers. You can set up your phone to be used with a specific GSM network that you prefer. You can even choose to use your phone with prepaid international SIM cards. 

  • You don’t have to bother yourself with contracts 

Users of unlocked iPhones are not tied to any cellular contracts. You don’t have to worry about paying termination costs because you default on your contracts. Unlocked iPhones can be used on prepaid SIM cards with more flexibility. 

  • The unlocking process is hassle-free

Unlocking an iPhone isn’t a daunting task, and anyone can do it. You can acquire an unlocking program or modify your phone’s hardware to unlock it. But before your phone is unlocked, it needs to become jailbroken. 

When you are jailbreaking your iPhone, it allows you to run unsigned codes on your phones like emulator games and homebrew software, and you can unlock your phone. You can watch YouTube videos as a step-by-step guide to jailbreaking your phone. 

  • Adds extra life to iPhones 

When you unlock your iPhone, you add extra life to your phone. Once unlocked, you can use your phone without thinking about signing up for contracts. Furthermore, an unlocked iPhone is jailbroken, so you can use different software and programs to render great value. 

  • Increased resale value 

One of the biggest reasons for unlocking your iPhone is accentuating its resale value. iPhones become so much more desirable when they are unlocked. Also, since the phone is jailbroken, users can do so many other things with their phone. 

If you decide to sell your device, don’t forget to unlock your iPhone before trading it in or handing it over to the new user. However, it would be best to remember that once your iPhone is unlocked, the warranty is void. 

  • Unlocked iPhones can be used universally

Carrier companies are always coming up with new, lucrative offers to lure individuals. They know how to profit if they offer users reduced purchases prices. If you are a drifter and always on the lookout for better deals from carrier companies, you need to unlock your iPhone. You can make your life easier by unlocking it and using the phone with a carrier company of your choice. 

An unlocked iPhone is easily used with any SIM card from across the globe. You can purchase a SIM card and enjoy communicating with your friends or family. It will help you dodge the roaming charges that carrier companies typically levy on their users. 

The bottom line 

The wonderful benefits mentioned above are why there’s so much interest in purchasing unlocked iPhones. So, check if your phone is unlocked, and if it isn’t, it is time to consider unlocking your phone to get the maximum value. 

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