April 15, 2024

Loot Boxes: What They Are and Why They Are Bad for the Gaming Industry

Loot Boxes: What They Are and Why They Are Bad for the Gaming Industry

If you have played some of the more popular online games, you have likely run into loot boxes from time to time. These boxes are generated randomly and give the player hopes of new equipment and rare items during online games. They may seem harmless, but there are many negatives involved with loot boxes, and they are not nearly as reliable as, say, $1 deposit online casino NZ games. Here are just some reasons why loot boxes are bad for the gaming industry.

Loot Boxes Are Considered Gambling in Some Countries

The notion of finding new items in a loot box is attractive to most gamers. The ability to pay a small fee and potentially have new skins, weapons and other various objects for gameplay is remarkably attractive, but there is a significant flaw in loot boxes and their inclusion in various games. Countries such as Poland, Norway, and the United States have looked into why loot boxes are bad, and many have made loot box regulation.  Not every country considers the use of loot box gambling, but there is growing concern about their use.

Loot boxes alone would not be a problem for countries that are strict about gambling, but when purchasing a loot box, there is no real guarantee that what you receive will be worth the investment. Many times, the item is of little use to the player and the loot box can cost a lot just to open. This is the primary reason many countries consider the use of loot boxes in online games as gambling.

Why Gamers Have Come to Hate Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have become a loathsome entity among avid gamers throughout the online gaming industry. Where it might seem a great thing to have a box to open in hopes of getting new items, the reality is that most of these boxes maintain items of little use to the game at all. A new skin might be fine to change the look of your character, but is it really worth dropping hard-earned money to purchase a loot box for it? Most players agree that the purchase of a loot box is merely a gamble they are not willing to make. It would be different if the reward matched what was paid for it, but more often than not, the reward is worth very little.

When Are Regulations Coming for Loot Boxes? 

Regulations regarding loot boxes for online gaming entities have been slow-going. However, in May 2019, the Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act was proposed. In the act, loot boxes are prohibited, as they have been noted as being unfair partners in trade. The act is slated to help boost confidence in the online gaming industry by allowing fair trade for online goods across the entire spectrum of the game.

The bill has yet to pass and some claim it has little chance of passing, but the good thing is that loot boxes in online games have gained the attention of lawmakers as they entice children to make uncontrolled in-app purchases. Hopefully soon, this bill or a corresponding regulatory bill in regard to loot boxes and their use in the online gaming industry will pass, but until then, we are stuck with loot boxes.


To avoid the potential for problems associated with loot boxes, teach your children about the financial responsibility involved in opening them. As for adults who love the chance to get new items from loot boxes, simply stay away. The risk often outweighs the potential for the reward, so when playing games, simply avoid loot boxes altogether. Eventually, regulations for these annoying little things most gamers hate will come into factor, and they will be either strictly regulated or eliminated completely. 

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