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Reason why Ichigo can’t see ghost like his sister

Reason why Ichigo can’t see ghost like his sister

Ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction ?

It was a never-ending source of frustration, knowing he could see spirits but not the other souls that haunted his daily life. 

He knew there were no definite rules to what spiritual might be and how it manifested, but his sister could see them clearly. 

The difference between them seemed to bother him more than the fact that she was older, stronger and going places he would never be able to go as a living human being.

The fifth wheel in their family unit, Ichigo couldn’t help but feel left out as time went on because his sister always had something different going on with her every day while still being the little sister he loved so dearly.

 So he sought out ways to improve his skills as a substitute shinigami, but no matter how hard he tried, nothing seemed to help.

Ichigo knew that there was far more to the soul realm than what the average person could see or experience. 

He was learning that with every day that passed, learning more and more about himself and his abilities as a substitute shinigami. 

But somehow, his family always had so much fun with their loved ones while Ichigo was left alone, despite him trying so hard to connect with them after they died. 

He wanted so badly for them to stay and not pass on until he could learn how to see those kinds of spirits just like they did.

Reason why Ichigo can’t see ghost like his sister :

1. Ichigo is a substitute for shinigami .

As such, his soul isn’t as strong as those of originally living shinigami because he was originally a hollow.

 His soul is only half hollow so he doesn’t have the strength or power to harm or control ghosts with it even though he can see them with his spiritual awareness.

2. His spiritual awareness is so weak .

It can barely feel what’s going on in the spiritual realm just like everyone else with stronger spiritual awareness that most people have in the human realm.

3. He is still a substitute shinigami .

Since his soul isn’t at full strength, he can’t use his full power to see ghosts and they can still reach him even if he tries to use his shunpo.

 Even if this isn’t a problem most people have in the human realm, it’s something Ichigo has to work hard on dealing with every day.

4. Ichigo is unaware of Zanpakuto spirits . 

He doesn’t know what his sister or anyone else he knows here on earth sees when they see their Zanpakuto spirits.

5. He is unaware of the great war between Soul Society and hollows .

Even if he knew, Ichigo can’t help his family in their battles against the hollows because the reason why they are so strong is because they are souls of dead shinigami. 

Their souls are only half hollows so their power is much lower than that of a person who has their entire soul be a hollow.

6. Ichigo doesn’t have any powers .

This makes him lower on the hierarchy of substitute shinigami even though he can see what other people see when they see spirits.

7. Ichigo’s spiritual awareness is incapable of seeing spirits .

However, he can still see Zanpakuto spirits because his sister has the same level of spiritual awareness, which was why she could see them without problems.

 And she also saw Ichigo’s Zanpakuto spirit without any problems at all.

8. Ichigo has never fought any real hollows .

Even if he did fight hollows, the only type of hollows he has ever encountered are the physical kind, which are weak against their spiritual counterparts, making him hard-pressed if he is ever to fight a type of hollow that is more powerful than his Zanpakuto spirit.

9. Ichigo’s strength is limited .

Being a substitute shinigami means that he can’t use his full power as a soul, rendering him weak against those with stronger souls. 

When he is not fighting hollows or evil spirits, Ichigo can’t really use his full power as a soul, making him as weak as any other human being who is powerless against those with stronger souls. 

In this capacity, Ichigo’s Zanpakuto spirit cannot protect him during his fights because it’s not powerful enough to do so like any other ghosts or spirits in the realm of the living or afterlife. 

The only difference between Ichigo and his sister is that she has the power to protect herself while her younger brother has no ability to do so.

10. Ichigo doesn’t know how to protect himself like his sister .

This is due to the reason why he has no powers, making him unable to fight off his Zanpakuto spirit even if he does try. 

He can’t use his full power as a human because this would put him at the same status as any other human being, which is against the rules of substitute shinigami.

 Ichigo knows that there are dangerous things out there in the spiritual realm, but because of his lack of power, he can’t do anything about it even if he tries.

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