April 15, 2024

Love Anthem of the Year “Ek Shaam” by KingAP, Harshita Baranwal & Traxeon is to be Released Soon

Love Anthem of the Year “Ek Shaam” by KingAP, Harshita Baranwal & Traxeon is to be Released Soon

Whether you are looking for some romantic tunes, need something emotional for your road trip, or are in search of an epic love song to say, “I love you”, we have got it covered for you. Express your love with our latest track, “Ek Shaam” by KingAP, Harshita Baranwal & Traxeon. This song is from the album “2K16” and is available on all music streaming platforms. The music video of this track will be released on 11th Feb 2022. 

The tone and tenor of this romantic music video will make you feel loved. The cinematography and alluring lyrics will amplify your emotions, featuring Vishal Sharma as the male lead and Tanisha Tyagi as the female lead. Confess your love with “Ek Shaam, ” a song for love birds. It explains how one feels when they meet their loved ones, and they never want to end that moment. Stay tuned for the latest updates on GrooveNexus.

Video of another beautiful track from the album 2K16 is going to win your heart. The recent collaboration between KingAP and Traxeon has been outstanding. It has been composed by the extremely talented Abhimanyu and KingAP and is beautifully sung by Harshita Baranwal and KingAP. With melodic music by Traxeon, you will be listening to “Ek Shaam” on the loop. At GrooveNexus we give new and upcoming artists direction that their passion demands: To become a star! The perfect platform for showcasing talent says DJ Himanshu Mishra founder of this Foundation with his own style in mind – which combinesclassical vocals with electronic sounds for an innovative soundscape perfect any time or anywhere.”

Ek Shaam” is sung by KingAP & Harshita Baranwal, and music is composed by Traxeon. Abhimanyu and KingAP have written the beautiful lyrics of this song. Arpit Verma, popularly known as KingAP, is a 21-year-old lyricist, singer, and rapper from Lucknow. His debut album ‘2K16’, released under GrooveNexus Records, has eight songs, with each of the songs having its essence. The story of a boy and girl who love each other but can never be together because of some misunderstandings. The lyrics show how far apart they get without realizing it, until one day something happens that will change their lives forever…

Each song depicts different phases of love and the pain that comes with it. One of the songs from this album is “Ek Shaam.” The music video is to be out soon on GrooveNexus Records. The artists of this video are Rohan Shukla, also known as Traxeon; a DJ and producer from India who has worked on many projects including Bollywood remixes or original works with Harshita Baranwal being one half of the vocals for their latest collaboration.

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