April 14, 2024
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How to Get a Real Estate License in Florida: 4 Steps You Need to Take

How to Get a Real Estate License in Florida: 4 Steps You Need to Take

Getting your license to start up your new real estate career may feel a bit daunting and even overwhelming for some. But understanding every single step of the way and breaking it into steps can make the process feel more achievable because it is.

To get your license, you need to do a pre-license course, have your fingerprints taken, submit an application, and then pass the state exam.

The four primary steps have to be taken chronologically to fulfill the requirements of the end goal. Read on to learn how to get a real estate license in Florida.

1. Pass The Approved Pre-licensing 

The first step in obtaining a Florida license is completing the approved 63-hour pre-licensing course. You can take this course online via any state-approved school. The course focuses on real estate laws, practice, principles, and real estate math.

You must attain a score of 70 and above to pass the exam after which you will receive a certificate. The certificate awarded after completing the course will remain valid for two years from the date you completed it.

Note that if you are a practicing lawyer in Florida, you do not have to take this course. You can take the sales associate exam by affixing a copy of your Florida Bar card to the exam application.

2. Submit Your Fingerprints to the DBPR

Once you have passed your exam, the next step is to go to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation to submit your fingerprints. Florida requires every applicant to have their background checked before receiving a real estate license. You can have your digital fingerprints taken in any authorized location in the United States.

If you have a criminal history, your application will undergo a personal review to determine if you have met the good character moral requirement.

3. Submit Your Application

You must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent and have a social security number to submit your application. You do not need to be a Florida resident to make an application for a real estate license.

That said, use a printable form or submit an online application to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. Your application will take approximately ten days for approval. Once you are approved, expect an email notification containing a candidate ID number. This will come in handy during the next step.

4. Sit and Pass the Florida Real Estate Exam

Use the approval confirmation email and candidate ID to schedule your state exam. The Florida state exam is readily available daily, and you can conveniently sit for this exam online from the comfort of your home. There are also multiple test centers throughout the United States that you can physically sit in.

You will have three and a half hours to complete the 100 multiple-choice questions. You pass the exam by attaining 75% and above. You can sit this exam as many times as you may need to. All you have to do is wait 24 hours to reschedule your exam.

Winding It Up

By successfully passing through the four steps, you will be ready to receive and activate your license and launch your career in real estate. You can activate your license through your broker or submit the DBPR-RE 11 form. 

If you have passed all the steps, you are ready to start helping people make one of the most significant steps in their lives; buying and selling their homes.

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