October 4, 2023

Make Life Easier- What You Need to Know About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Make Life Easier- What You Need to Know About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you’re struggling to manage your business, or simply want some support as your business grows and you embark on new ventures, working with a virtual assistant can help you to reach your goals. However, you may be asking yourself- what even is a virtual assistant and what can they do for me? In this post, we have broken down what a virtual assistant is and how hiring a VA could help your business thrive. 

1. What is a Virtual Assistant? 

Michelle from Virtual Assistants Virtual Hand said “A virtual assistant is essentially a remote assistant who can help you with a multitude of tasks that you would like to outsource.” Whether you need support in managing your business, help with social media management or support in making appointments, a VA can be of assistance. Some VAs have specialties such as graphics, research or social media, but a virtual assistant is always versatile to ensure that any task you need doing can be accomplished. When you work with a virtual assistant, you can be confident in the knowledge that the aspects of your business that you struggle with or dislike are being handled by someone qualified to complete tasks to a high standard. 

2. What does a Virtual Assistant do?

How much your VA does is ultimately completely up to you. A virtual assistant is there to reduce your stress and help your business to grow. A VA could be involved in an aspect of your business. At Virtual Hand, we offer PA services, business support and marketing services. 

If you struggle with your social media presence, then having a VA to help market your business by writing blog posts, formulating Facebook posts and handling any PR issues could improve business growth. Similarly, if you struggle with organisation and your inbox is inundated, a virtual assistant could schedule appointments, travel arrangementsand manage your inbox to keep your business on track. And if business support is what you are in need of, look no further because a virtual assistant can help you develop systems, act as a sounding board and even manage projects to ensure that your business dreams can come true. 

3. Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant? 

There are endless benefits to working with a VA, but a main one is that your virtual assistant does precisely what you need them to do, and you pay for the hours they do this. This means that the tasks you dread are the ones you can outsource to your VA to reduce your stress and overwhelm. Another key benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that with fewer tasks to manage completely alone, your work-life balance can become much happier. 

At Virtual Hand, we even offer holiday cover so that you can relax stress-free. Holiday cover includes diary and inbox management and as much project management as your business needs. Hiring a VA will help you have the time to relax but also to focus on the growth of your business without being bogged down by tasks you don’t personally need to be doing. Arguably, the biggest benefit of working with a virtual assistant is that it gives you the freedom to give your business your undivided attention. 

4. Is now the right time to hire a VA?

The answer to this question is that any time can be the right time to hire a VA, because your virtual assistant could have exactly as much involvement with your business as you need. If you find yourself doing more admin than focusing on your business, it could be time to hire a VA so that you can spend time doing what only you can do- running your business!Similarly, if you are lacking motivation or feeling overwhelmed and burned out, hiring a virtual assistant could greatly reduce this stress and help you to reignite your passion by allowing you to focus on the tasks you love doing. 

Ultimately, as a business owner, it can be invaluable to hire a virtual assistant to keep your business on track. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your business growth while also maintaining a happy work-life balance. The highlight of working with a VA is that you can truly relax knowing that they are completing the tasks you’ve outsourced to the highest standard. If you are interested in working with a VA to make your business dreams come true, or if you have any questions, please do get in touch for a free 30 minute chat with Michelle to start your journey at Virtual Hand.

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