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In the sales process specific to the construction sector, there are frequently several bidders for a given chance. In such circumstances, subcontractors and general contractors must submit multiple bids for the same opportunity or project. Construction salespeople have a significantly greater workload to complete their proposals, bids, and follow-up than salespeople in other industries. This sales process feature is why only a specific CRM that is opportunity-centric can work for the construction sector. Below are some tips for boosting construction sales with CRM.

Monitor every deal

Thanks to end-to-end CRM software, you can consolidate the steps and stages of your sales pipeline in an easy-to-use dashboard, which allows you to eliminate spreadsheets. A visual sales pipeline makes the complete sales cycle visible from every angle. It unifies sales data you previously stored in various spreadsheets or tabs and is the sole source of the “truth.” Nothing slips between the gaps and concluded deals result from that. It is one of the perks of construction CRM to increase construction sales.

Centralize your contacts 

Imagine having at your fingertips all the contact information you’ve amassed over many years of conducting business in the construction sector. Construction CRM programs typically have a function that lets you import current contacts and add new leads, and it will also save any data about your contacts for quick retrieval. Your sales staff will be able to compile all the necessary information about prospects and clients in one central area. You’ll agree that this will improve connections with contacts and clients, help with lead retrieval, and increase sales.

Create proposals efficiently

A sound CRM system comes with tools for creating proposals. You can generate multiple proposals simultaneously, send them to the appropriate client, and track them with only a few clicks. You can generate and save proposal templates using these tools, saving time while creating proposals. The CRM can also integrate with your calendar, making things more manageable.

Ensure prompt follow-up

One of the more crucial elements that affect a construction company’s win rate is a follow-up, which has a 20% to 25% importance. After you submit your proposal, CRM software allows you to rank your opportunities according to the next follow-up date. You can program follow-up reminders with your sales staff and even pre-fill follow-up email templates to send reminders at predetermined intervals. Thanks to this, the right client will receive your follow-up at the appropriate moment. When a job is offered, you can mark it so you only follow up with the winning firm and seal the transaction.

Use CRM Reporting to evaluate successes and failures.

The sales process continues whether or not a deal is closed. You will undoubtedly concur that you (as well as top management) are interested in knowing your win rate or monthly earnings. What you did well that you can repeat to get success. Or what you might have done incorrectly, so you can change your strategy when the next chance arises. With a CRM reporting tool, you can increase construction sales.

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