June 21, 2024

9 Marketing Solutions That Never Fail by Lemke Marketing

9 Marketing Solutions That Never Fail by Lemke Marketing

Marketing Solutions – If you want your business to succeed, you need to be able to tap into the current trends and provide what people are looking for. This is where marketing comes in. But in days gone by, marketing has been a hit-or-miss process. Today, however, the Internet is rife with free and easy-to-use marketing solutions that can improve your online presence and boost your bottom line — all without ever failing. Lemke Marketing focuses on providing best marketing solutions.

These 9 marketing solutions are guaranteed to get you results:

1. Bundle your offer with an upsell or two for an even greater value: 

You can’t go wrong with this marketing method because it is essentially doubling your conversion rate by adding a second product at half the price. Just be sure you mentally give yourself permission to sell an upsell or two if your initial offer doesn’t work out so well!

2. Ask for a free report when prospects opt in: 

Since most people are a little more skeptical when it comes to companies that don’t charge for products, ask them to sign up for your report after they opt in, but before getting anything other than the free report. That way, you’re still trying to sell them something but also building their trust by giving them something of value prior to digging into the core product.

3. Offer trial options first: 

Several attempts at a pay-per-click campaign or even a simple email marketing campaign sometimes fail because people don’t feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. By offering a free trial of the product, people feel like they’re getting a taste of something they want, even if they don’t actually end up paying any money to use it.

4. Go big and then go home: 

This marketing method may be risky because you build up a lot of hype around your offer and then everyone is either let down or disappointed when it comes to paying for the final product. However, if you’re able to deliver on what you promise – and more! – this can be a great way to drive traffic and conversions long after your initial launch is over because you continue making waves in the online community.

5. Create a contest: 

Create a contest that incentivizes people to enter and use your product in order for them to win a prize. Since most people want to feel like they’re playing the odds, you’ll need to give away something of value in order for them to feel like they have reason to enter the contest. You can also do this by giving out an eBook, membership site or freebie as part of the contest!

6. Set up an autoresponder sequence: 

An autoresponder sequence is just what it sounds like – an automated series of emails sent after prospects have opted in to receive further content. This is a great way to build trust and authority within your industry and also keep in touch with potential customers who have signed up for your product.

7. Bonus content:

 Incentivize people to download a unique bonus report or other content related to your product by offering it first! This marketing method can be extremely effective, especially if you deliver on the bonus and provide valuable information people are looking for.

8. Look for freebies in niche blogs: 

One of the best ways to get free traffic from an existing customer is to look for freebies within niche blogs. However, that can be a little tough at times! If you run out of ideas, just look for blogs related to your industry and ask for something for free to use on your site. You might be surprised how many bloggers actually give this a try!

9. Look for content marketers: 

Content marketers are essentially people who create relevant products that are meant to attract traffic. One of the best ways to get free results with your marketing efforts is to join forces with content marketers in order to cross-promote one another’s products. If you do this well, you can effectively gain traffic and convert prospects from one of your affiliates!


With over 1 billion people using the internet today and about 100 million websites, there is a lot of competition in the market. However, if you’re able to strategically use these 9 marketing solutions that never fail, you’re sure to generate more leads and conversions for your business!

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