May 30, 2024

The Unconventional Guide to Poster Marketing & three Main aspects

The Unconventional Guide to Poster Marketing & three Main aspects

Poster marketing – Posters are an awesome way to promote your business, event, or even yourself. Posters are highly effective because they’re in everyone’s face where they go every single day. You see them on the subway and in convenience stores and food courts. If you want to know how posters work, what should go on them, or how to get the most out of them then read this article! In this article we’ll explore what makes a successful poster and how you can create templates for yours so it doesn’t look like all the other ones.

There are three main aspects to your poster that determine its success:

Artwork – 

Your artwork is what will help sell the message of your poster to the audience. You want to make sure you have exceptional artwork and use something eye-catching enough to catch someone’s attention. Established artists are more likely to be able to create this type of artwork than newcomers but don’t underestimate the power of an amateur artist. Making sure your art matches your messaging is a very important aspect!

 Color schemes – 

There are many different color palettes that can work well on posters, using one that is bland and boring will result in very few people caring and walking on by without even giving it a glance. You want each color to be eye-catching, not dull and boring! You definitely want your colors to stand out because a lack of color can make your poster look unprofessional. Here’s a great infographic on the different types of colors you can use on posters. 

Typography –

 Typefaces, fonts, and sizes can all make or break the message of your poster. Each font has its own personality but you’ll want to avoid using anything that is too small or too big for your message as these will create an awkward/annoying image in people’s minds which makes them more likely to ignore it. Throwing some color on the type can also create a nice effect that catches people’s attention. When in doubt, avoid comic sans and stick with more professional/serious looking fonts!

What goes on your poster?

When you have a design ready it’s time to decide what will be on your poster. There are many different things that can go into posters, but you need to keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo it or make the poster too busy. Each poster will be different so depending on what you’re making the poster for you’ll need to figure out how best to communicate that message to your audience.

If your posters are going to be displayed in a specific area:

Make sure it is noticeable and matches the environment you’re planning on putting it in. Placing an attention grabbing dance club poster in an office is probably not a good idea. Think about where the poster will be and make sure the design matches the location!

If your posters can be used indoors and outdoors:

Create a template so you don’t have to worry about making it look perfect. It also allows you to have fun without stressing that much.

If your posters are going to be displayed in many places:

Easier said than done but here’s some advice. When creating your poster make sure the font is easy to read and the color palettes are easily recognizable no matter what lighting condition you’ll be using them in. Make sure the printed area doesn’t go over the edges of the paper and put in an extra inch so it doesn’t get ripped or bent out of place when being displayed. Lastly, make sure your poster is of a reasonable size so it doesn’t get blown over by the wind.


I hope you found this article on poster design and making the most out of them is useful. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below!

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