April 14, 2024

10 Different Types of Promotional Marketing-Allure Marketing

10 Different Types of Promotional Marketing-Allure Marketing

Promotional marketing is a huge part of the marketing industry. It has various forms. Allure Marketing is a promotional marketing firm.

Below are 10 different types of promotional campaigns that you might find yourself as part of.

1) Advertising – 

The most common form of promotional marketing. This is where you tell people about a service, product, brand or plan that you want to promote. Most of the time this type of advertising works best on a local level, but it can be expanded to reach more people by sending out mailers, flyers and so on.

2) Direct marketing – 

In this method you choose to send out information and gifts directly from yourself to the customer/target audience you are promoting. Direct marketing often takes the form of giving away valuable products or services to people who do not ask for them. This type of marketing is most successful with local businesses.

3) Public relations – 

This type of marketing is all about getting you in the news. Hitting the news is a very powerful way to get people to notice you, and to get your business out there. If a person sees something in the news about your company it becomes much more believable than if they just saw an ad or read about it, because the actual information was given from someone who was an “unbiased” source. Promoting yourself through the news can either be a paid option (advertising) or it can be done for free by doing interviews and other such things that require media attention.

4) Sales promotions – 

This is where you offer the customer a special deal on their next purchase if they do something. If a customer goes to a store and buys $100 of groceries and the store runs a promotion that for every $100 you spend you get back $10, then this is a sales promotion. It doesn’t make any difference what the deal is, how long it lasts or anything else, if there is an action or task you want the shopper to perform in order to get a deal on their next buy then it’s a sales promotion.

5) Publicity stunts – 

This involves doing something memorable to grab your customers attention. It can be something silly or even illegal, but you have to remember that your goal is to get the public talking about you.

6) Guerilla marketing – 

This is similar to the sales promotion, only instead of offering a deal on their next buy you offer something for free (samples, product or whatever) when they take an action or task. This type of marketing is usually done by smaller businesses who don’t have big budgets. For example if you own a restaurant and want people to try your food then all you have to do is give out coupons for free meals to people who come in and say they heard about your place from a friend or someone else.

7) Public opinion – 

This type of marketing is all about getting your name out there by building up a relationship with a random company, person or organization. Using this type of promotional marketing you can establish yourself as a person who is trustworthy.

8) Face-to-face marketing – 

When using this type of marketing you visit your customer face-to-face and buy them lunch or whatever it is that you have to do. This way you get their attention and make them feel at ease before trying to sell them your products/services.

9) Community marketing – 

In community marketing you are helping the community by promoting the good deeds or services that some other company does for that neighborhood. For example if your neighbor is a lawyer then maybe you can push them to do more things for the community.

10) Reputation marketing – 

Reputation marketing is all about building up your reputation with your target or current customer base. This can be done through the media or even through word of mouth.


Promotional marketing has many forms, but the most common is advertising. It is important to remember that promotional marketing can be done locally, on a national level or anywhere in between.

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