April 15, 2024

Relationship memes on dank

Relationship memes on dank

So you care about your significant other’s feelings and want to make sure that they feel cared for as well. 

You’ve got a few basic things you could do, like cooking a nice dinner and buying them gifts. However, there is another tried and true method: dank relationship memes .

If your significant other is anything like the characters in these memes, they’ll be touched by some of these funny pics.

 If even a single one of these works, the effort you put in was well worth it. And if none of them work, a simple “I love you” is all it takes!

If your significant other’s a bit of an idiot who can’t comprehend humor, just let them know that “I love you” has been the most effective response for generations. 

If people have been using that line to win relationships for decades, then why change now? You’ll just be embarrassing yourself if you try to be funny.

The key to these memes is to be subtle. If you’re too obvious about your feelings, then your significant other might feel unwelcome or offended. 

The best response is to simply convey a sense of care in a way that nobody can dispute.

Best dank relationship memes  :

1. “So, is the new car really worth an eight-month relationship?”

2. “I’m buying you a necklace. Does this look tight?”

3. “Is it wrong to hold your hand under the table while we eat?”

4. “Do you think the dog shares my love of money? Because I don’t.”

5. “[To someone who cut him off] I always try and steal your parking spot and surprise you when you come in.” [When one’s significant other is late for an appointment]

6. “Do you think that the students of the university would notice if I started wearing a skirt?”

7. “I’m glad you’re on my side. I can’t stand getting out of bed on my own.”

8. “So do you think we could start calling each other pet names? I’m thinking something like Lil’ Bit.” [To someone their significant other is mad at]

9. “This is what happens when you start talking about your old boyfriends.”

10. “Let’s go camping this weekend, okay? And then let’s get married, okay?” [Said to someone who called them an idiot]

11. “We were supposed to go to the park today, but I didn’t feel like it.”

12. “I keep telling myself that if you were going to break up with me, you would have done it by now.”

13. “You don’t have to do everything I say. But if you don’t, I’ll be very hurt.” [To someone who is less intelligent]

14. “I wish we could go out more often. Just the two of us.” [To their significant other when they’ve been given a gift]

15. “Do you think you’re finally starting to realize how much better a boyfriend I am?” [When hearing their significant other talk about their past]

16. “So is it true that, uh, you dated your cousin?”

17. “I’m not sure which kind of cheese is better, but I’ll let you know.”

18. “I know plenty of people who complain about their significant others. But they don’t have me.”

19. “So my parents are visiting this weekend. That doesn’t mean we have to spend the whole time together, does it?” [When making a decision]

20. “I can’t live without you.” [When their significant other has been flirting with someone else].

21. “Let’s go out and do something fun. Just the two of us.” [When their significant other starts working out]

22. “I love you so much. I don’t care if we’re in public.” [When seeing someone else’s significant other]

23. “I can’t wait to take a nap with you.” [When one sees that the person they like is already in a relationship]

24. “I want to go on a vacation with you, but it’d be kind of embarrassing for you right now, wouldn’t it?” [After buying something for their significant other and seeing them with another person]

25. “I think we should practice saying I love you more before we get married.”

26. “I’m not as smart as you, so I know I wouldn’t understand you as well as someone who is smarter than me. But I’ll always love you anyway.”

27. “And now, some dank relationship memes for those who don’t want to spend $20 on a paper bag.”

28. “I hope it isn’t too obvious that I’m very comfortable holding your hand.” [To someone on a date]

29. “It just goes to show that if we really loved each other, then we would have the same interests and we’d spend time together. And we wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about each other.” [To someone who has been dating for a long time] 

30. “I wonder how many people have been in this exact situation. Always trying to understand each other, and never succeeding.” [To someone who is flirting with someone else].

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