May 28, 2024

What does tbu on facebook mean?

What does tbu on facebook mean?

Whether you’re at home or out and about, Facebook lets you share everything from the latest cute animal videos to your morning coffee with friends, family or co-workers. 

So then why is it that when you get a notification on your phone saying “tbu?” on your Facebook account, it may cause confusion? 

A “tbu” notification is part of the Facebook Messages feature. It indicates that somebody has sent you an instant message while you are logged in.

A “tbu” means someone sent their message through the chat function rather than by clicking the blue question mark button or writing a comment in a post. 

The instant messaging feature still works even if you are not logged into Facebook. You can receive or ignore the message by clicking the notification.

Here is the answer for, what does tbu mean on facebook?

The problem is that you can receive messages when you are not logged in. Messages sent to your Facebook profile will be saved and waiting for you next time you log in, but it’s still unusual to see “tbu” pop up on your phone.

1.You can reply instantly to an email message by typing your reply into the Reply box. 

The recipient will receive your response within a few minutes or up to 24 hours, depending on his/her email provider. 

So if you get a tbu on Facebook follow the steps below to find out if the message was sent via Facebook chat or outside chat, and how to send a reply. You can send instant Facebook messages to someone who has not signed up for the service.

2.The tbu only shows up on the account that it is sent to

Get a tbu on Facebook message from your friend but don’t see a blue notification icon on the messenger icon? That means the message was sent via regular email and not Facebook chat. It may look like a red envelope or an orange banner with a white envelope within, depending on your device.

Or vice versa, if you see a tbu on your friend’s Facebook page but not getting the notification on your device.

3. You can’t send tbu to facebook

You can’t send tbu to someone via Facebook chat because this feature is only available for Facebook users. 

But if you need to reach someone outside of Facebook, you can use the following options: Text Messaging – Say what you have to say using SMS Text Messaging.

Send an SMS or MMS message using your mobile phone or messaging app (if you use an iPhone or iPad) Chat – Message someone via the conversation function (some people like Skype) Phone Call- Make a phone call to reach someone outside of Facebook.

4. You can’t open a tbu from your phone

You can’t open the tbu from the facebook message app. Even if you receive a tbu on Facebook, you’ll need to use a different method to respond.

What does tbu on facebook mean? It means someone sent you a Facebook message through a regular messenger, not social media by clicking “Like” or writing a comment on any post. 

“TBU” stands for text-based unregistered instant message. If you see that, that means the person(s) just used messaging as their primary way to send Facebook messages. 

5. You can forward a tbu on facebook message via a tablet or a computer

A tbu from your friend on Facebook will appear in your Message Inbox when you log in. You can open it from there to read your friend’s message. 

You can delete the tbu from facebook messenger instantly when they appear in your phone’s notification panel. Just tap and hold for a moment, and then drag the red notification icon down to the “Delete” icon(looks like a trash can) at the bottom of your screen, drag it over, and let go. The red notification icon should disappear, along with any unread messages.

8. You can’t choose what app your tbu will go to

When you send an SMS or MMS message, it doesn’t matter which device your friend uses to read it. Your message will be sent to the phone number entered into the recipient’s phone’s address book. 

If your friend didn’t enter a phone number into his or her contact information, then your message will go to an email account instead.

7. You shouldn’t reply instantly

Don’t reply within one minute, but wait at least 30 seconds before typing your message. That way, if someone texts or calls you, you’ll know which message comes first. 

You can also mark your message as read if you want to send it later, so it doesn’t appear in your notification tray. If you don’t, it will show up on your phone’s home screen for anyone who uses the same app to open Facebook Messages as you do.

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