April 19, 2024

Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Tag Up Meeting

Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Tag Up Meeting

If you’re a regular employee, you’ve probably attended your fair share of corporate meetings. And if you’re an intern or temporary worker, you’ve gone to even more. You can bet the meeting will always be scheduled at the last minute, and that it’ll have one goal: to convince everyone that it’s in their best interest to buy something expensive for the company/client.

In any case, these mistakes are more common than many people think – and if we all avoid them during our next meeting (whether we’re stuck in a forced corporate one or not), chances are our bosses will notice and future meetings might become less annoying. Tag up meeting is a term that refers to the company’s general manager (usually a person in charge of a division or department) who is left with one remaining item on their agenda. However, this person will have an agenda of their own and may or may not be open to discussing other items by participants.

Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Tag Up Meeting :

1. Wearing Haphazard Clothes

Ever been in a meeting where the person running the show wears a wrinkled shirt and messy hair? That’s because they’re used to sitting in their office by themselves, so why even bother putting on pants. If you’re forced to attend a meeting, then you should at least make an effort to look presentable. A plain shirt, slacks and shoes that aren’t falling apart are good enough – but always make sure your clothes aren’t greasy from lunch or full of lint. 

2. Leaving It Too Late

I’ve been to so many meetings where the final agenda is set at the last minute that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone started to drink before sitting down. A meeting shouldn’t be held with no clear plan in mind or a way of keeping everyone on the same page because there won’t be anything left at the end of the day. If you don’t know what to expect before walking into the room, then why should anyone care? This is especially true if you’re an intern or temp worker. Your boss might as well just sign your paycheck for the day and you can go back to work.

3. Not Responding To Emails And Phone Calls

This isn’t just a mistake that’s made by people who are running late to their meeting (ahem). This is a mistake that’s made by anyone who doesn’t respond to emails, phone calls and text messages during their shift. Nothing will make your coworkers become more frustrated than being ignored while they’re being told they have to take time out of their day for your “inconvenient” meeting. 

4. Not Stating Your Purpose Right Away

You shouldn’t spend a lot of your short meeting time trying to figure out the purpose of your meeting – because it’s probably been stated on the calendar and in your invitation. If it’s not stated, then that means there are going to be some discussions during the meeting – and you shouldn’t waste everyone’s time by asking questions that were already answered a month ago. So, just state your purpose right away. It’ll save everyone’s time and breath.

5. Not Finding A Time That Works For Everyone

Speaking of time, why is it that the minutes always seem to fly? You should always make sure the meeting doesn’t drag on for too long because you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or bored when talking about topics that shouldn’t take up a lot of time anyway. You can get everyone together in a large conference room, but you need to ensure everyone knows what’s happening from start to finish if you want them to feel safe doing so.

6. Starting With A Powerpoint That You Didn’t Create

You can have the best ideas and suggestions, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a positive reaction if you don’t explain things in a way that makes sense to everyone else. If you can’t do this, then there’s probably no reason for anyone to pay attention to what you’re saying anyway. When creating your presentation for your meeting, take into account all of the people who will be present and try not only to use words that are easy to understand but also images that are valuable and relevant. This is one of those cases where simple is best – after all, your coworkers are busy enough as it is.

7. Not Bringing Any Food Or Drinks

So, you’ve prepared for your meeting by going to the bathroom, combing your hair and making sure you look presentable. You’ve printed off some resources that you want to share with everyone in the room. But why don’t you offer any of the stuff you actually use (like coffee and tea) when asking everyone to attend? Everyone is a human being and they have needs – but if they’re forced to attend your meeting, then there’s really no reason for them to expect anything more than just their own time spent there. If they’re stuck in that room all day, then at least make them feel like they’re at home by bringing snacks or organizing a fridge with drinks nearby.

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