April 19, 2024

Signs you need a new personal injury attorney in Orange County

Signs you need a new personal injury attorney in Orange County

You needed help for an injury claim in Orange County and have hired an attorney. However, just because you have engaged someone doesn’t mean they are best for your case. Given the financial and emotional distress following an accident, people often end up hiring the first lawyer they find. Here are some signs that you need to hire a new Orange County personal injury attorney.

  1. There are clear communication issues. As a client, you shouldn’t have a hard time contacting an attorney. If there are no clear lines for communicating with your lawyer or getting updates on the case, you have reasons to fire them.
  2. The lawyer has behavioral issues. The behavior of the attorney is also an important aspect. Even though lawyers are busy people, it doesn’t give them the right to treat you in a disrespectful manner. Look for a new lawyer as soon as you encounter crass behavior.
  3. You get no response. Your injury lawyer may not be personally available to take your calls or respond to every email, but they should at least have a team to share details. It often happens with big firms that don’t care for more minor claims, and it is best to look for a replacement.
  4. The lawyer demands a fee in the middle of the case. Personal injury lawyers are not expected to ask for a fee until you win, and therefore, if the law firm demands money or an hourly rate in the middle of the case, you should certainly get rid of them.
  5. The lawyer wants you to lie. Competent lawyers make the most of the evidence and rely on circumstances to get a fair settlement. If an attorney is asking you to lie about facts or share details that are absolutely untrue and prejudicial in any manner, they are clearly not the right option for you.

Finding a reasonable injury attorney is all about looking for expertise. Take your time to know an attorney, check reviews on social media sites, find details related to their work profile, and make sure that you meet them at least once. It is never too late to seek help on specific aspects of the case from a second lawyer, who could be a better fit for the case. Ask questions and expect the lawyer to handle all your queries like a professional. Check now to compare and choose between injury attorneys.

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