April 19, 2024

Spirit of Big Bang: Titanium Ceramic 45mm HUBLOT

Spirit of Big Bang: Titanium Ceramic 45mm HUBLOT

This model, with its black ceramic case and dial

, has a titanium crown and bezel, as well as a red rubber strap. 

It is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement that can go up to 72 hours before it needs to be wound again. 

The stainless steel clasp on the back of the strap ensures that your wristwatch won’t fall off even if you have an accident or have a seizure

– making this timepiece an essential thing for those who suffer from epilepsy.

This luxury timepiece is priced at USD$45,000. [Ref: HUBLOT] [Photo by Eliezer]

This watch will come with HUBLOT’s signature moon phase indicator,

which is extremely easy to read, even in low light conditions

Introduced during Baselworld 2012, 

Spirit of Big Bang: Titanium Ceramic 45mm HUBLOT is a new addition to the HUBLOT line. HUBLOT is known for their innovation in the watch industry, and this timepiece continues that tradition.

This 45mm watch is made out of titanium with a titanium ceramic coating. It may be small, but it has an incredible list of features that makes it an outstanding timepiece. 

The case has been designed with anti-magnetic features for extreme accuracy in case there are any disruptions in your environment. 

An anti-magnetic casing helps to protect the movement. The case also comes with a curve on the top of the case that protects you from scratches.

The HUBLOT Spirit of Big Bang has a titanium ceramic coating and is made totally out of titanium. 

This gives it an incredible 75 meters water resistance and keeps it protected from any type of weather that may occur, even in the most extreme conditions. 

It can be worn in extreme temperatures,

whether its hot or cold outside and still be protected from damage without ever worrying about your watch being damaged.

The titanium ceramic is considered to be a very high strength material,

which will make this watch able to withstand much more than its competitors without ever worrying about damaging it.

 The case is made of a special titanium that has a ceramic coating to ensure that it is both scratch resistant and waterproof.

These features make the watch look great, but also keeps it protected from the environment.

The body of the watch is made of titanium and the bezel is made out of titanium ceramic. 

The bezel comes with a superluminova coating, which helps you to see it even when its dark outside.

The HUBLOT Spirit of Big Bang 

It comes in an amazing black and gold color combination, which can easily go with almost any outfit you may be wearing.

The dial has been designed to resemble the Milky Way Galaxy and allows you to see the galaxy as a design on the dial. 

It comes with a nice black background with white hands, which are easily visible during a night out.

 The large hands make it very easy to tell time at any given moment. The dial will also include subdials that help to tell you seconds and minutes.

The watch is made of titanium, so it comes with some great features such

as being water resistant up to 75 meters and is anti-magnetic, which makes it great for everyday use.

 It also comes with a special titanium ceramic coating, which makes the watch even more durable,

scratch resistant and water resistant. 

This coating is a very high strength material that can withstand much more than other watches on the market today.

The watch will include one of HUBLOT’s amazing tourbillon movements, which are all made out of their amazing patent pending Invar Carbon technology. 

The Invar technology allows them to create a tourbillon that is much smaller than many other manufacturers.

 This is an outstanding achievement by HUBLOT and has allowed them to create tourbillons that have been proven to be more accurate over time compared to others out on the market today.

Many other watches have touredbillons that aren’t as accurate, which can be a huge problem when it comes to getting the right time each and every single day. 

These tourbillons come with several technical features that make them the most accurate in their class. 


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