February 26, 2024

Tips for removing Mordekaiser ULT

Tips for removing Mordekaiser ULT

So you’ve used Mordekaiser in a ranked game and someone has managed to cast a mordekaiser ult…now what?

 Here’s a few tips for dealing with The Iron Revenant, giving the enemy team two less things to worry about. 

The first thing that comes to mind is cleanse or interrupting the effect of his ultimate, but that won’t always work.

 In this article, we’ll go over ways  you can cleanse mordekaiser ult or you can deal with Morde when he’s been too salty from getting caught in your team’s CC chain.


The general idea is that when someone casts Morde’s ultimate, they are either purposefully doing it to snowball an advantage or they are caught up in your team’s CC chain. 

This is also the reason why you shouldn’t play Mordekaiser mid without a jungler.

 If you see your Morde in lane with teammates that are all low on health, then he may be trying to use his ult advantageously to pick up kills, just like how it should be used in ranked games. 

If you are running away from the enemy team, if they catch up to you and Morde casts his ult on you while you’re trying to escape, then chances are that someone was trying to use it for an advantage.


The key thing to remember is that Mordekaiser isn’t invincible while casting his ultimate. He still has the same amount of health that he had before casting it. 

The general rule of thumb is “if you can hit him with something, then he isn’t going to live long enough to do anything”. 

Mordekaiser’s ultimate is a channeled ability that can be interrupted by a stun or a knock up, but not by targetable smells like exhaust. 

This is the reason why it’s so important to have some form of crowd control on your team. If you have a Lee Sin on your team, chances are he already has a targeted stun that he can use. 

If you have a Jax on your team then his leap strike or stun will probably do the trick. The general idea is you want to keep Mordekaiser from being able to complete his ult if it’s on a high priority target like an ADC or damage dealer.

Tips for removing Mordekaiser ULT :

1. Crowd Control

The most common way of interrupting Mordekaiser is with some form of crowd control.

 If you have a Morgana or a Blitzcrank on your team then that is ideal for interrupting a channeled ability. 

These two champs are the most effective at stopping Mord from getting off his ult because they both have two forms of hard CC. Morgana has Dark Binding and her Black Shield, while Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab and Power Fist. 

In order to stop his ult, you can keep him from moving or you can keep him from doing damage to anyone using your spells. 

If you’re worried about getting caught with your pants down, then Morgana’s Black Shield would be the most ideal way of protecting yourself from his ultimate.

 If you’re playing a long ranged adc champion like Caitlyn or Jinx then it might be a better idea to just poke him down to a low enough health amount that it becomes more advantageous to just auto attack him to death.

2. Distraction

The second easiest way of stopping Mordekaiser’s ult is by using a spell on him while he’s casting. In order for this to work, you have to know what attack he was going to do before it happened so you can time your spell right.

 If you have a Blitzcrank then that can be pretty easy to time, but with Morgana then you have to be really careful about your positioning. 

If you can position yourself in the right place, then you should be able to hit him with your spell around the same time he casts his ultimate. 

You could also do this with an Orianna or a Janna if they are good at using their skills on enemies during casting animations.

3. Stuns & CC

The most difficult method for interrupting Mordekaiser’s ult is by stunning him. 

External forms of CC like crowd control or knock ups are best because they will interrupt his ability before he completes it. 

If you can stun him, then you should be able to interrupt his ult. If you can’t stun him, then the next best thing would be to use a knock up on him. 

Because of how long he has to channel his ultimate, you have to make sure that he’s coming to your team and not your opponents. 

If your team is down and he’s running towards them then it will take a very long time for Jax to leap at Mordekaiser and stun him afterwards.

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