July 15, 2024

What is a good website to start a small business?

What is a good website to start a small business?

The first step in starting a business is an idea. If the entrepreneur has a key idea of ​​what exactly he wants to offer to the consumer and in what direction to develop, then he can move on to the second point. A businessman decides in what format he will conduct his business: offline, online or combined. In the last two cases, it is necessary to choose the most suitable website for the type of business. There are five key types of web portals. To choose which one or which ones are suitable for small businesses, let’s look at the features, pros and cons of each. 

Landing page, its advantages and distinctive characteristics

In other words, a landing page. This is a one-page website dedicated to one product, which can be a product or service.

Among the advantages of a one-page site are the following:

  • the effectiveness of interaction with the user, since everything is in front of his eyes: information about the product, contacts for communication with company representatives, a button for contacting technical support;
  • a single thought is preserved – the content is associated with one product, which allows to keep the user’s attention;
  • on the page there are many “promoters” that encourage to make a purchase.

This option is suitable for companies that have already developed and want to offer a client a new service or product.

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Business card website and its features

This is a small web resource that describes the company, its services, benefits for the client. All in essence. There is a price list and contacts for communication. There is a form for ordering a service or product.

To get such a portal, you need to contact an experienced company whose services include small business website development.

This type of site is just right for small businesses and companies that conduct their main activities offline.

Corporate website

This is a multifunctional web resource on which the company is presented from all its sides, its benefits are indicated, the main product is advertised, the tools for the relationship between customers and representatives, as well as the team, are thought out. Among its advantages:

  • the ability to establish trusting relationships with clients;
  • business efficiency;
  • promotion in search engines.

Suitable for large, medium and small businesses equally.

Online shopping: which business is suitable for?

This is a web site designed to advertise and sell goods and services. It always contains a catalog with the company’s products, as well as cards with descriptions and characteristics of each of them. A price list is presented, there is a basket for goods, a feedback form, technical support and contacts.

Suitable for large, medium and small businesses that offer a wide or varied range of products or services.

The portal and its features, which are important to know about

The list is completed by a site-portal, which contains large volumes of information on a specific direction and a single topic. It can be a medical, news or political portal.

Suitable for any company or private trader who wants to make money from advertising, as well as a business that offers consumers a new, unique product.

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