May 28, 2024
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what is intuition?

what is intuition?

Intuition is a form of insight which originates within oneself.

 It can often be difficult to pinpoint exactly when intuition is present,

 but it tends to come when one is in a relaxed and open-minded state. 

It may also come when there is no logical answer and one feels stuck. 

Intuitive insights often come in the form of feelings or gut feelings, rather than thoughts or ideas that can be articulated verbally.

Luckily, we’re here to talk about it! 

We’ve compiled this list with the best resources on how to use your intuition,

 what you should do if people doubt your intuition’s validity, and how intuition differs from other forms of “knowledge”.

Skepticism of Intuition

If you’re skeptical of your intuition, you may have been told before that there is no such thing as intuition,

 which means your intuition is useless because it couldn’t possibly be real or reliable.

 In reality this belief is incredibly limiting and deprives the individual from learning about the ways in which their own intuition works.

 It also forces them to ignore their own feelings and beliefs.

Just because something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you “can’t have it” or that it will cause harm. 

You can always use whatever skills you possess to help yourself and others, even if that skill isn’t a tangible one.

What Is Intuition?

Intuitive insights are messages that come to you from your own mind.

 They are messages that convey information that is not directly evident to your conscious mind. 

This information may be hard to explain or even impossible to put into words, but it can be communicated in a variety of ways.

 It can include certain feelings, images, messages, etc. 

Your intuition cannot direct you towards the wrong things because it’s entirely separate from your logical mind.

 You can never trust or believe all of what you receive because there is always

 a chance for rationalizing or misunderstanding the message you receive through intuition.

Intuition is a way of knowing, a gut feeling that something is true or good that cannot be known by any other means.

 The information from intuition may come from within, from outside, from another dimension, or from a higher source.

 Many people use their intuition to make decisions in life and get messages from spiritual guides and angels. 

Some people get messages from their subconscious mind.

 Intuition can also be an action carried out without prior thought or logic, 

such as an athlete doing what she feels is the right move in a game instead of thinking it through.

This article explores how intuition works and what you can do to develop your own abilities.

What Is Intuition And How Does It Work?

Intuition happens when part of the brain that has associations with creativity is allowed to “go free.”

 The process of intuition involves the subconscious mind creating an association

 that links two or more things, based on some principles (such as patterns or rules) that are already known. 

There are three steps involved in the process of intuition: getting information, recognizing patterns, and forming an association to find meaning. 

Your subconscious mind is like a computer system, processing information at rapid speeds and creating associations between memories or new experiences.

Intuition is sometimes seen as the “sixth sense,” but it is much more complex than that.

 It is a way of knowing things about ourselves and our surroundings, without understanding how we know them.

 This type of knowledge cannot be explained in words, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether you are experiencing something intuitive or not.

 Sometimes your intuition may come in the form of a thought, or an image or feeling in your body. 

You may even get gut feelings about something without really understanding why you feel that way.

ASP Friends article here.

According to Susan Jeffers,

 author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway , “intuition is that moment when you know something, even though it’s not logical at that moment.” 

Our intuition is our inner voice that tells us what is right or wrong without telling us why, how it started, or any details about the topic at hand. 

This ability is usually discovered by early childhood, but can be unlearned later in life if we are not careful. 

The only way to know what our intuition tells us about a situation is for us to take action without hesitation.

When we truly want or need something, it is almost impossible to ignore the feeling.

 The instinctual brain responds immediately without any judgment or rational thought process

The brain is responsible for these,

 types of responses to situations while the conscious mind deals with information overload while trying to remain calm and collected.

 This state of mind allows us to move into action very quickly while the conscious mind is trying to calculate all possible outcomes.

This article gives 21 different examples of 21st century intuition, which utilizes the network connected computers in our body’s electrical system. 

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