July 15, 2024

When Should You See A Fertility Expert?

When Should You See A Fertility Expert?

Preparing for pregnancy is sometimes not a walk in the park for some couples. If you are prepared to have a kid but have problems conceiving, it is time to look into the available treatment alternatives. Click on https://ogclinic.com.sg/ to learn more about the same. Numerous persons overlook that both women and men are affected by infertility. In every couple, there is always a 50/50 probability that a woman or man will suffer fertility issues. Here are common reasons why you should consult a fertility expert. 

You Have Heavy Bleeding, No Period, Or Irregular Periods

 A reproductive problem could cause the following:

· Intense Periods: An intense period is one where your period persists for more than a week, you use abnormally many tampons or pads, or pass huge blood clots. Often, it is triggered by an endocrine disorder or uterine fibroid.

· No period: Likely, you are not ovulating at all

· Irregular Periods: It is possible that your brain is delivering the incorrect hormone signals or that you have an ovulation problem 

· Bleeding In The Intervals Between Periods Or After Intercourse: the main reasons for this problem might be a cervical lesion, uterine fibroid, or polyp.

Once you notice any of these symptoms, talk to a fertility expert.

You Have Suffered Three Miscarriages Or More

 A miscarriage occurs whenever a pregnancy is lost in 20 weeks of conception. Miscarriage is most commonly caused by sperm or egg with an incorrect set of chromosomes, preventing the fertilized egg from developing correctly. Earlier developmental difficulties, such as the egg failing to implant correctly in the uterus or having structural flaws, could also lead to miscarriage.

If you have suffered three or more miscarriages, you must talk to a doctor about monitoring your health as you try to get pregnant. What’s more, if there is an underlying concern triggering these miscarriages, your specialist will inform you.

Your Partner Is Having Trouble Getting Or Keeping An Erection

Having trouble getting or keeping an erection could jeopardize your chances of conception. Therefore, it is necessary to see an expert in male fertility. Your doctor can help you discover a remedy for these problems; thus, enhancing your sex life and improving your likelihood of getting pregnant.

You Have Unsuccessfully Tried Conceiving For Least 12 Months

Typically, it takes a couple about 4-6 months to conceive. If you are below 35 years and have been engaging in unprotected sex (not using any form of birth control, you should contact a fertility expert.

However, if you are above 35 years, the number and quality of your eggs tend to deteriorate. Therefore, women in this age category are more likely to have problems conceiving. If you have been trying to conceive for about six months without success, it is advisable you visit a fertility specialist.

You Or Your Spouse Have A Record Of Sexually Transmitted Infections

An STI could cause swelling or infection. For women, it could induce scarring in their fallopian tubes, making it impossible for the sperm and egg to meet. On the other hand, it could lead to recurrent infections in men, affecting sperm count, function, or mobility. 

You Are Suffering From A Chronic Illness

If you have a chronic or long-term health problem, you are probably already acquainted with your healthcare specialist. It is the same with fertility. You should see a fertility expert if you have any of the following medical concerns:

 § Genetic disorders

 § Diabetes

 § Kidney disease

 § Coronary artery disease

 § Thyroid disease

 § High blood pressure

Additionally, you should see an expert if you have undergone cancer treatment, also known as chemotherapy, or if your mother experienced early menopause.

Although unsuccessfully trying to conceive can be overwhelming, more often than not, there are simple solutions that provide you with the solution you need. Immediately you notice any of the above warning signs, talk to a fertility specialist to determine your root concern and design a personalized care plan.

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