May 28, 2024

11 Brilliant Tips for Health Newbies

11 Brilliant Tips for Health Newbies

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of health! If you’ve just recently started to take an interest in fitness and wellness,

 then we have some fantastic tips for you. Here at Fitness Factory we know how tricky it can be when starting off. 

There is so much information out there about healthy living and dieting that can make your head spin (in a not-so-great way). 

So we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite things for those starting out on their fitness journey.

 Drink more water when you start to feel hungry

Try to keep yourself hydrated. You might find that when you start feeling hungry in the morning, 

it’s because you’re not drinking enough water. Or perhaps, when you get out of bed in the morning, 

you notice your mouth feels dry and your tongue feels coated in dust.

 Either way, taking a sip of water can help prevent this feeling throughout the day!

 Go for a walk every day

It is very important that we get outside and take some time for ourselves every single day. 

Going for a short walk can help with this. It doesn’t have to be anything overly exciting, you can simply go for a slow stroll around the block or at a nearby park.

 If you do want to do a bit more work on your fitness, then try going uphill on some grass until your legs start to burn.

 Don’t make excuses

Whether it’s because you don’t have any time or you don’t feel like it, make sure you cut down the number of times that you use these excuses. 

There are always things that you can do to make sure you stay active.

 If you don’t feel like going to the gym, then simply go for a walk around the block or try biking to work instead of driving.

 Keep vegetables in stock at home

Vegetables are packed with antioxidants, which help with memory retention and fighting off free radicals in the body. 

Try to keep them in stock at all times. They are great when eaten raw, but can also be cooked just as well.

 Eat your greens

Eat as many vegetables as you can. They are fantastic for your health, and your mental clarity. 

You don’t have to stick to the same type of vegetable all the time, try different types to see which you prefer!

 All vegetables have different vitamins and minerals in them so try having a mix so you get the most benefit from them!

 Learn about food labels

We all think that food must be good for us, but sometimes it’s not always true. 

For example, something labeled ‘low fat’ might have more sugar in it than something without labeling. 

Keep your eye out for these kinds of things,

 lots of food companies use trickery to make you think you’re buying something healthy when in fact it’s full of junk.

 Learn about body types and how to change them

Whether you like what you see or not, your body is unique. Try and learn as much as possible about it. 

What kind of shape is your body? Is it more suited to certain fitness styles? Are you more on the skinny side or the heavier side?

 All these kinds of questions help tailor a workout routine for yourself that suits you.

 Another thing to note here is that as we age, our bodies often change shape and size. 

Make sure you learn about these changes and continue to build your routine around this.

 Find some workout garb that truly inspires you!

Whether you wear leggings or shorts, something that really motivates you to exercise needs to be right up there on the priority list. 

Maybe wearing a sports bra with a motivational quote written on it can help! 

Or perhaps some fitness tights with cute prints are more your thing? 

Whatever it is, make sure that what you are wearing helps motivate you.

 Learn about which exercises are best for which body type

Different body shapes work better with different workout routines.

 If you don’t believe us then try doing a little bit of research to see which exercises help you work the best for your body type. 

You can also consult with one of our trained fitness consultants for any advice that is needed!

 Keep your workouts fun

While working out alone can be great, sometimes it can feel like a chore. 

This is why it’s important to actually enjoy what you are doing.

 Find some motivation and start somewhere new! 

Learning about the correct forms of fitness makes life so much more interesting and helps keep your mind off of things like hunger pangs or sore muscles.

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