July 15, 2024

15 Things That Happen When You Are In Fashion.

15 Things That Happen When You Are In Fashion.

Truly living in fashion is to embody personal style. There are so many ways you can express your unique personality through clothes, jewelry, shoes, scarves.

The cleanersj.com/ list goes on. But being fashionable doesn’t just mean looking good in clothes. Believe it or not, there are things that happen when you live in fashion!

This post will give you 15 things that happen when you’re living in fashion!

 Prepare for your whole world to change once you see how many opportunities there are for self-expression and growth!

1) You cultivate an aesthetic that suits who YOU are.

Maybe the old you gravitated towards a more basic wardrobe.

 But when you started to cultivate your own personal style, little by little, your tastes transformed

Your style is a very big part of your identity. 

In fact, clothes can say more about you than words ever could. 

2) You find clothes that fit *you*.

You’re not going to wear something just because it’s in fashion if it doesn’t fit you at all, or if it’s totally unflattering on your frame. 

The last thing you want to do is buy something that doesn’t look good on you.

 For this reason, the best way to find clothes that fit well is to shop online or go to a store geared towards plus-sized customers. 

Start by trying things on, and if they don’t work out, ask the salesperson for help finding something else!

3) You get creative with your style.

Just because you’re living in fashion doesn’t mean you have to stick to the trends. 

If there’s no need for it in your wardrobe, don’t follow what everyone else is wearing! 

Sometimes, it’s fun getting creative in your personal style!

4) You explore your dreams.

If you have dreams of being a model, designer, or editor, it’s time to start exploring those opportunities. 

5) You stay in touch with your passions and interests.

It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re trying to live a glamorous life in fashion!

 But there’s no need to lose sight of what matters in life: your passions and interests.

6) You learn to shop more economically.

You can make fashion look really expensive by buying expensive clothes, accessories, and shoes. 

But if you live in fashion, it’s important to realize that expectations are different for you!

7) You become more honest with yourself.

When you’re living in fashion, it’s easy to be dishonest with yourself about what you really want. 

If you’re not honest with yourself, the status quo can quickly start to feel like a cage. 

So if you’re feeling trapped, it’s time to throw things out and find what works for you.

8) You learn to see beyond labels and categories.

As we’ve seen, living in fashion requires complete honesty and self-awareness. 

Be honest with yourself about who you are and how your looks affect other people!

 You might think your weight is holding you back from exploring your passions in life, but the only limits that exist are the ones in your mind.

9) You find a community of friends and family who support you.

When you live in fashion, there are going to be people who have a lot of negative things to say about your outfits. 

But if you have a positive support system, there’s no need to listen to the “haters” who try to tear you down with their cruel words!

10) You stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop worrying about looking proportionally like this or wearing something like that. 

When you stop comparing yourself to others, you’re going to see a big boost in your mood! 

11) You become more comfortable with who YOU are.

When you start liking what you see when you look at your reflection, things are going to change drastically in your life. 

The most important thing is that YOU like who YOU are and how YOUR body looks! 

It’s not about gaining approval from other people, but about liking yourself enough that YOU feel good about how YOU look.

12) You love the spotlight.

Imagine if your whole life, you’ve never been in the spotlight. One day, you decide to be seen in public wearing something that you really like. 

Your close friends and family can’t believe their eyes when they see you! Because of this, they start telling others about the new look they saw from you! 

It feels amazing to get compliments on a look that YOU love and put together! And of course, the more people that see you in public, the more attention you’re going to get!

13) You start believing in your own beauty.

Why do we need to be told over and over again how beautiful we are?

 You know what’s true: you’re beautiful! And it’s really liberating when you start living in fashion and stop paying attention to other people’s opinions about your looks. 

Once you begin loving yourself, it becomes more important than ever for you to get more compliments on how good YOU look!

14) You realize that others don’t always have the answer either.

Believe it or not, you’re not the only person who can tell you anything about how to live your life. 

The last thing you want to do is start copying other people just because they look “cooler” or “prettier” than you. 

15) You don’t define yourself by what others think.

No one wants to be trapped by social norms. You know what’s cool, and you know what’s not cool. If it makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it!

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