May 30, 2024
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You Will Never Thought That Owning A Video Game Could Be So Beneficial!

You Will Never Thought That Owning A Video Game Could Be So Beneficial!

So you’re probably asking yourself “why would I want to own video games?” Well, in this Clean ERSJ article we will go over the top 10 reasons why it is beneficial for everyone to own at least one game. 

We will show you how owning games can be beneficial to your mental, social, and physical health.

 And lastly, we’ll give you some helpful hints on getting the most bang for your buck! Let’s get started!Video games are great for mood regulation.

 Prolonged bouts of intense gaming are associated with increased dopamine levels in the brain that have been proven to have an antidepressant effect. 

Video games also rely heavily on our motor skills. Whether it be racing down a track or jumping up and down in rhythm with a song – every game has some level of physical activity that needs to be completed successfully.

This is great for your physical health and is why owning video games can be beneficial to your health.

Video games help you socialize. Whether it be in person or online, playing a video game can help you interact with other people in a social setting and it helps to improve your social skills in the process. 

They allow you to work on and perfect poor communication habits and poor eye contact. If you’re not comfortable talking to someone, buying them a game for the holidays is a great way to get them interested in talking with you!

Video games can build leadership skills. A common misconception is that gaming is meant only for the young (or the young at heart).

The top 10 reasons why it is beneficial for everyone to own at least one game :

1. Repetitive Motion: 

Games require the player to repeat certain movements over and over again.

 This is why video games can be so beneficial to people with repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome!

2. Exercise: 

Moving around in a game is an excellent way to exercise your body, which can contribute to weight loss and overall health.

3. Focus: 

Gaming has the ability to give you a high or low feeling of focus and productivity, depending on how well you play and how often you replay the game for practice.

 4. Storytelling: 

Video games, unlike other forms of media such as books and movies, require that the player use their imagination to tell a story. 

This requires the player to think outside of the box and it is a great way to boost one’s creativity.

5. Creativity:

 Video games encourage players to make up their own stories and scenarios. 

These stories can be shared with other players online or in person and can be cultivated into great works of art!

 Everyone should make sure to play video games on a regular basis because it encourages individuals to practice their creativity in a fun and engaging way.

6. Dopamine: 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that controls reward pathways and is responsible for pleasurable emotions. 

When you play video games, dopamine levels increase in your brain, which makes you feel good. 

Healthy people experience dopamine while playing video games while people suffering with mental illness experience less than healthy levels of dopamine. 

Playing video games can help with depression and help curb the hunger or cravings associated with it.

7. Exercise on Your Computer: 

Games require physical movement on your keyboard, mouse, or controller to play them. 

This physical activity will help build strength and improve cardio health.

8. Increased Mental Health: 

Playing video games can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression through improved focus and mental stimulation.

 It can also be a great way to distract people from negative thoughts because the feedback from a game is much more uplifting than a situation that is going badly.

9. Learning: 

Games have been proven to promote learning because they increase the amount of information being taken in by the brain and stimulate one’s memory as well as their logical reasoning skills. 

If you’re having trouble remembering certain facts or figures about a subject, playing a video game can help you recall those facts or figures without having to study them!

10. Language Learning: 

Games are a great way to learn languages more quickly through immersion. 

Games are designed to immerse the player in an environment where they must communicate with others to successfully complete their missions.

 When you play video games that are in a language that you are trying to learn, you can practice conversing with other players who also speak that language!

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