June 24, 2024

3 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Brand in Gaming

3 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Brand in Gaming

Marketing in gaming is about more than just getting your game on the app store. Video game marketing is about establishing your brand, showing off your game, and engaging with the gaming community.

For this blog post, we’re going to talk about how you can market yourself and your brand in the world of gaming. 

Video game marketing is all about establishing your presence as a developer or company, showcasing what you’ve made for gamers to enjoy (key word: enjoy!), and interacting with other gamers online. Here at https://thehitmensite.com/ has some more ways to market yourself and your brand in gaming.

How to Market Yourself in Video Games

You’ll want to establish your brand as a company or developer online. This is often done on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But make sure you pick the right social media platform for your brand. 

I’ve seen people waste a lot of time and money trying to cultivate a following on a platform that doesn’t even have any gaming communities!

Once you’ve determined which social media platforms are best to use, focus on creating professional-looking profiles. Use images that will catch people’s attention and start conversations going about what you’ve made. 

These images should be screenshots of the game itself with text overlays that lend insight into how you’re marketing yourself as a developer or company.

Don’t just stop at the profile, though. Make sure you’re posting regularly on social media about what you’ve made and how it’s different from other games out there. 

For example, if your game is a multiplayer game that has voice chat included, then post things about how this feature enables gamers to connect with each other in unique ways. Talk about how this is the first time voice chat takes center stage in online gaming.

Keep your posts as professional as possible with as little slang as possible. You want people to take you seriously. After all, you’re a developer. People expect you to know what you’re doing with your game and how it can improve their gaming experience. Don’t let them down by acting like a kid on his first day of high school!

How to Market a Video Game

We’ve been talking about how to market yourself in gaming so far, but what about your actual games? How do you market them? 

We’ll tackle this question from two different angles: marketing a video game before it is released and marketing a finished video game.

Marketing a Video Game Before Release

Don’t just let your game sit there collecting dust before it is released. Consider doing pre-release marketing to drum up excitement about your game before it is released to the public. This can include things like live streaming your development process (think Ableton Live for video games), inviting folks to test the game, and getting footage of high scores or screenshots of your game’s menus. 

You can even use teaser trailers that highlight gameplay. Just don’t overdo it! Publicity stunts like these are only effective when they’re organic and keep with the theme of your game (e.g., if you’re making a shooter game, demo the game without boss battles).

Marketing Your Finished Video Game

Once the game has gotten released, take some time to think about how you can promote it. First off, post an announcement on your game’s website like you would for any other game.

Then take some additional time to figure out how to promote your game (we’ll cover this more in the next section). Keep in mind that all of this will depend on what platform you’ve made your game for (i.e., iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, Android apps for Android devices, etc.)

How to Market a Game with Game Marketing Tips

Video games are now considered one of the leading forms of entertainment in today’s society. That means there is always someone looking for something new to play. However, the gaming world is full of competing titles that are all clamoring for their attention.

What you need to do is stand out from this crowd. 

Here are some quick tips on how to do just that with game marketing tips!

1) Support your game with more than just game updates. People love getting support for their favorite games, especially if they get freebies in the process. 

This could be anything from short video clips showing off new gameplay features to free stickers or demo downloads of your most recent title.

Post these bits of content on your website or social media accounts so people can get a taste of what has come out since the last time they played.

2) Create post-launch promotions for your games. This can be anything small, such as giving away free copies of your first title every so often. The idea here is that you keep pleasing your customers with freebie updates to keep them playing the game. 

If you’re really good at this, it could even turn into something big! Just remember not to overdo it! People are drawn to great titles that are being made by companies who are being honest with their customers, so don’t give them the opportunity to decide not to support you anymore (i.e. by making games you’re too embarrassed to promote).

3) Remember that the best approach to marketing your game is to present it as a gift for your customers. Make sure they understand why they should play your game and what you think will make them enjoy it. 

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