May 28, 2024

How to Market Your Game on Social Media: Tips and Tricks for Success

How to Market Your Game on Social Media: Tips and Tricks for Success

If your video game is in the market, then you need to gear up for a fierce competition. The mobile gaming industry has grown at an incredible rate over the last few years, and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. 

This means that whichever game you develop and launch into the market will be overshadowed by many other games that will be released alongside yours. The Hit-Men Site has some more tips and tricks on how to market your game on social media.

People like playing games on their phones because it is convenient and affordable, your app needs to be one of those apps that offer this convenience and affordability; otherwise, players won’t be willing to buy it or continue playing.

As a mobile game developer, you need to come up with ways of making your game more popular than the others in the market. One of the ways in which you can do this is through smart use of social media.

Social media is a powerful tool in reaching out to your target audience and getting them interested in your game. You can promote it on social media sites or affiliate sites that are related to mobile gaming. 

Another advantage is that when you create an account on these sites, it gives you access to many other users who are already interested in gaming.

To market your game successfully on social media, here are some great tips to help you out:

Dress up your game. Show it to them in a different avatar. Every game has its own characteristics. 

This game is about fighting imaginary creatures; this game is about fighting pirates; this game is about collecting treasures; this game is about flying to the moon. This makes players immediately be drawn towards your app.

Use visual effects that are similar to other popular games already in the market. Your app may not have any similar features but by making it look similar to another mobile app, you can attract their attention and get them involved with your app as well as downloading it from the Store Page of iTunes or Google Play Store .

Here are our top tips and tricks:  

Post often! 

The best way to keep up interest in your project is by producing new content on a regular basis. This might sound daunting at first, but we’ve found that 2–3 posts per week is about right for most projects. Post on the days and times that you think will get the most traction. 

Add on links

Add a link to your Twitter account on your Facebook page and your website to encourage new followers. Alternatively, share content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media on a regular basis. Posting often is important if you want to keep people interested in your project. 

Use hashtags!

 Hashtags make it easy for people to find information about your game. For example, #gamedev , #indiedev , #screenshotsaturday and #webgames are useful for finding like-minded developers and gamers online. You can also use them as labels or tags for each of your posts (like we do with this post!). Some people use hashtags as a way to filter content, but our advice is to ignore them and just post what you want.

Tag your posts! 

It’s a good idea to tag your posts with #gamedev or #indiedev so other people can easily find the content you post. This will especially help if your post touches on a certain topic, as it will give your fellow developers another way to find the same information. Tag anything that you think is important, from an update concerning gameplay or character creation to something as general as “that dude from Twitter recommending my game”.

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Use images! 

People are used to seeing pictures in social media posts, so use them! In addition to images, add a screenshot of your game or a quick video trailer. Show off what makes your game special and what you’re going to do next. This article is a good starting point for this.

Be willing to contribute to the community. 

If you see a news post about something of interest, you can help out by offering an opinion or pointing out information that might be important. Engaging with other developers is a great way to make new connections, even if it’s just through simple conversations or comments on their game.

Be approachable! 

Staying positive and giving constructive criticism will create goodwill among people who notice your posts. Try posting in a way that will allow people to understand what you’re saying. Make posts that are easy to read and don’t appear spammy or too promotional.

Consider your target audience! 

Decide on the kind of people you want to interact with and then create content for them. If they’re fans of retro games, try posting screenshots of your pixel art with an NES theme. If they enjoy competitive multiplayer games, offer advice on improving their game’s balance and keep an eye on their latest updates so you can let them know when their game finally goes public and become available for download.

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