May 28, 2024
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al pacino shouts “hoo ah!”- the story of the ‘scent’

al pacino shouts “hoo ah!”- the story of the ‘scent’

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for brands to launch their own signature scents. 

And while this may seem like an expensive marketing tactic, it can work really well. 

Take for example “Oceanus Procellarum” by the fragrance house called Surrender To Chance.

This signature scent is part of the “Black Collection”, which was inspired by the movie Ocean’s 12

And one thing that makes this scent so unique is its use of artificial neural network technology.

Basically, this allows a computer to learn how a human smells and then recreate that smell.

 It’s a technique inspired by research on olfactory systems in animals and insects.

It also happens to be an idea that was initially thought up by the CEO David Edwards while he was at Harvard Medical School.

 So needless to say, he jumped at the opportunity to get involved with this project.

“We wanted to do something different.

 Different scents, different ingredients, but it’s all connected to the movies and this is very much like creating relationship with the consumer. 

We tried really hard to make sure that it had a lot of narrative and also that it was connected with the film very much,” he says.

There are 11 “signatures” which include “Oceanus Procellarum”.

 And they were chosen by Edwards himself based on their connection to the film or characters in it.

But most importantly, 

Edwards says they also “needed something original, something they didn’t see before in any other fragrance line.

The scent of surf crashing on the shore, salty air and green vegetation was created through the use of green notes,

 which are extracted from real seaweed.

“We actually took real seaweed into our lab and extracted the chemical compounds that made it smell like the ocean.”

And once you get past all these clever techniques, the question still remains: does it smell good?

Surrender To Chance had an opinion poll done on their Facebook page to find out. 

It asked people to rate each of the fragrances by number. 

And sure enough, “Oceanus Procellarum” came away with a solid 4.5 stars.

“This is definitely the most popular fragrance in the line,” says Edwards.

 “It’s very close to what I would say is the perfect scent for a man, but certainly something that men will love.

 But it’s also great for women, too.”

And while Edwards says his favorite part of creating all of this was getting to work with Surrender To Chance on behalf of Ocean 12,

 he remains modest about his contribution.

“I think it was just one very small piece of this project, if you will. 

It’s really hard to do any kind of creative work without having a collaboration at hand.

in which film did al pacino repeatedly shout “hoo ah!”? “hooah!” (2002)

In this 2002 film,

 directed by Steven Soderbergh, Al Pacino stars as a decorated military veteran

 who is forced to lead a team of mercenaries to overthrow a government.

The film is loosely based on a novel by Dalton Trumbo. 

It tells a story about a group of mercenaries who must fight against the rule of unjust dictatorships. 

This is also where they have their most amazing battle ever  with the beehive which was actually inspired by the movie

 “Apocalypse Now”.

In this 2004 documentary, 

directed by Christopher Dillon it tells the true story of Edward Kelley and his experiments into love potions during the 17th century.

Kelley is a 16th-century alchemist, who uses his knowledge in the practice of the dark arts to make a living.

 In this documentary, 

various expert witnesses give their explanations of how he could have been able to make his 

“Perfect Elixir”

 which was said to be able to affect women.

In an interview with Guardian in 2002, Al Pacino said that “the chemistry between me and De Niro in ‘Heat’ was palpable.

 There was a real connection between us, but I never saw myself as a mentor to anyone

. I thought it was going to be something different when I first met Robert because

 he came from such an advanced place than I did at 19 years old.

 I respected him.”

He says that De Niro was like a teacher to him which was not something

 he had experienced before.

 “One day, I decided I was going to try it and see how I felt,” he said.

 “I just kept trying different things until I found something that worked for me over the next five years. 

Then it became part of who I am.”

It took Al Pacino about 18 months to find the ‘perfect scent’ for himself based on what he says are three things: 

First, any scent which you spend a lot of time in is never going to be the best possible one for you.

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